December 06, 2021 The Complete Guide to Using SMS Links: 7 Best Practices in SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing, the abbreviation for short message service marketing, is an avenue least explored by marketers. It is an advertising campaign that businesses can utilize to reach the target audience and urge them to purchase. As mentioned by Gartner, a marketing expert, mentioned that SMS marketing is an effective tactic, yet it is underutilized. Nonetheless, it has the power to increase one’s leads for higher revenue. And its efficiency to drive higher revenue to business is proven by many businesses.  Perhaps, the success of SMS marketing can all be rooted down to the fact that most individuals are holding their phones most of the time. Most people tend to read the message they receive as soon as they get notified. So, sending them a promotional message through their mobile device, whether they are connected to the internet or not, is the fastest way to reach them.  And when it comes to SMS marketing, you may want to send them a link that will redirect people to your target page. However, knowing that SHORT messages have character limits, adding a long and clunky link in your advertising messages seems inappropriate. Here is when SMS links play a crucial role.  If you’re new to SMS Links and SMS marketing, you are on the right page. Here, we are going to discuss SMS Links and SMS marketing. We also included some tips and tricks to make your SMS marketing more effective. Read on to learn more.  What are SMS Links? Perhaps, SMS links are one of the critical factors in the success of your short message marketing. SMS links are short links specifically generated or created (through a link shortening service like to be used in SMS communications. They are also commonly referred to as mobile links or mobile tracking links. Unlike regular links, they are compact and short, which means using them can help you save space and character count in your text messages. Most importantly, it helps marketers to track the engagement of the links generated throughout the campaign period.  And since businesses use SMS links to determine user engagement metrics, corporations typically generate many unique links. Using unique links in every text message you send gives you the capability to define more specific statistics that can help you make a wiser marketing decision and make the most out of your every campaign. Some of the data you can collect through SMS links are who has clicked on your message and which channel or initiative is the source of your conversions. It is important to remember that SMS links are meant to be clicked using mobile devices. And so, it is crucial to keep your landing pages optimized for mobile view. It will allow you to provide an excellent mobile experience for your visitors, which is essential in making them revisit you in the future.  However, many marketers are still hesitant to use short SMS links in their promotional text messages. Most of them believe that short links are detrimental to the deliverability of their text messages, which is not always the case. Alongside this misconception towards SMS links, many marketers are unaware of the vast range of benefits they can amass by utilizing SMS links in their messaging campaigns. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using short SMS links for SMS. Why Utilize Short SMS Links for SMS? As previously mentioned, despite the utilization of SMS links in SMS Marketing offers marketers a massive number of benefits, many businesses are still unaware of them. Here are some of the advantages of using short SMS links in your SMS Marketing.  Increased Brand impression Many link shortener services do not only allow you to generate short links, but you can also customize the domain of your new links, also called branded links. Including branded links in your messaging campaigns allows you to heighten the audience’s recognition of your product. In addition, it also helps you in growing your brand since your brand is earning an impression every time someone sees your link.  Higher Deliverability Short links are less likely to be marked as spam, especially if your links are customized and branded. And so, your messages are most likely to reach the audience if you are using short branded links in your text messages.  Decreased Character Count SMS only allows you to send up to 160-character messages, and all the characters in your links are counted. So, to save character count, it is best to include short links instead.  Notably, messages that exceed the character limit are often split into two, breaking the links. As a result, the recipient cannot take action since the long links are useless if incomplete.  Increased Clicks Long links look too spammy, so it can sometimes upstage your marketing campaign. As a result, recipients are less likely to do an action by clicking on your links since they believe it is suspicious. So, it is better to include short branded links in your messages. It is proven to have higher click-through rates, so your lead for revenue is also increased.  Notably, customizing your links also helps increase your link’s click-through rate. You can use a phrase that hints to your recipients what they should expect from the landing page. Giving your audience a clear expectation of where they will be redirected What is SMS Marketing? SMS marketing  is an abbreviation for "short message service marketing." In this type of campaign, businesses utilize text messages to send customers promotional messages, content, deals, updates, and more.  SMS marketing, like email marketing, is an owned channel. This means you have total control over who receives an SMS marketing message, what material is shared, and when it is sent. With text marketing, you have complete control over the experience you provide your clients from start to finish. You may also send MMS (multimedia message service) messages to your consumers in addition to SMS communications. This type of messaging enables you to transmit messages with images, videos, or GIFs alongside the text.  Advantages of SMS Marketing? SMS marketing offers a wide range of advantages. Here are some of them.  Higher open rates. SMS messages have up to 80 percent open rate, four times higher than email’s open rate (20 percent). This means that 80% of the messages you are sending are being opened and read by your recipients, which increases your leads for higher revenue.  Trackability. Countless text marketing campaigns can be tracked and controlled straight from your PC, allowing you to acquire more accurate campaign statistics. Direct Channel - SMS is one of the most instantaneous channels accessible; with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of transmission, you can be confident that your time-sensitive messages will be received quickly. When paired with other popular channels like email and social media, a substantial 45 percent of SMS ads create a successful ROI, reaching above 50 percent. Integration with other channels.  All channels in the marketing mix must work well together, and SMS is no exception. SMS is a great standalone channel, but you can also use it to augment and support other marketing channels like social media and email. There are many more ways you can use SMS marketing to complement or optimize your other campaigns. For instance, the messages you send to your audience can notify them about your upcoming social media events. You can also use it to promote your exclusive online deals. Increase Customer Engagement. SMS marketing is a great way to enhance the way your brand engages with your audiences. As cited by Digital Marketing Magazine, 75 percent of consumers prefer receiving promotional adverts through text messages. It shows that people are way more receptive to text messages compared to other mediums of receiving promotions.  Getting Started with SMS Marketing To get started with SMS messaging, you'll need the necessary tools and services, whether for marketing or service notifications. Depending on the ones you pick, the process of getting started will change. An example overview of the actions you'd need to follow to get started is provided below.  Step 1: Create a subscription list and collect consent. If you're going to use SMS for marketing purposes, you'll need to create a strong subscriber list. There are various approaches you may use in building a robust subscriber list.  Notably, one of the best means to build a subscriber list is through a popup or flyout on-site form. It is a form that will prompt your website’s visitors to subscribe to text alerts that contain promotions and exclusive deals. You can ask for their email address and phone numbers through the form. Keep in mind that you should also include a statement that asks for subscribers’ permission to receive promotion through the medium they prefer.  If you already have an email subscribers list, you can send them SMS signup forms. It allows you to form a robust list of subscribers as your SMS subscribers are already existing subscribers.  Many businesses offer a coupon or an exclusive promo to entice visitors to subscribe to their SMS campaign. Step 2: Choose an SMS service provider. There are various SMS providers with whom you can collaborate to execute your SMS marketing. Notably, Salesforce Mobile Connect and Twilio are among the most prominent SMS providers used by most businesses. But, you should choose a provider that fits your budget and offers features and services that will meet your SMS marketing necessities.  When selecting your SMS marketing service provider, it is crucial to consider several factors to ensure that your service provider will meet your business’ marketing needs. Here is the list of the most critical factors you should consider in choosing an SMS service provider.  Are they able to complement your email marketing? Email is still one of the top lead-generating mediums for many corporations. And so, it is best to ensure that your text messages campaign and email marketing complement each other. With that being said, you should choose an SMS marketing service provider that can send both your email and SMS messages simultaneously.  Can they provide accurate tracking statistics? Tracking statistics is a vital part of your future decision-making. And so, it is crucial to ensure that the provider you use can provide accurate and up-to-date data about the engagement your SMS campaigns generated. Notably, using the same service provider for your email and SMS marketing ensures accurate data. Suppose you use a separate service for each channel. In that case, a purchase from a single customer will be attributed twice (if they received both email and text messages), which is already inaccurate. But, if you manage both email and SMS campaigns using one service, the purchase will only be attributed to the channel that the customer engaged with.  Step 3: Be aware of text messaging rules and restrictions. You must also follow text message rules established by the government and industry authorities (such as the FCC, FTC, and TCPA), mobile carriers (such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile), and your messaging provider (e.g., Salesforce MobileConnect or Twilio). Being aware of all of the laws and regulations might be difficult if you're new to corporate SMS messages, but it's vital to understand to guarantee you comply. Your SMS provider would most likely assist you here, but your company's responsibility is to ensure it follows the regulations at the end of the day. Step 4: Decide on a URL shortening service. Like your SMS provider, you'll want to select a link shortening service that fits all of your features and functionality needs. Because each link in your communications will direct users to an essential location (for example, an appointment), Some factors to examine are the service's track record of dependability, security procedures, API speed, and support services. It is also essential to find a solution that can work in tandem with your SMS provider. Click here to learn more about’s uptime record, link management security, and advanced link management capabilities like redirects and stats. Step 5: When sending text messages, follow the instructions provided by your service provider. This step will almost certainly need the assistance of a developer or engineer, so make sure to contact anyone on your team who will be assisting with the technical setup. You may also wish to collaborate closely with your link shortening service. They should be able to assist you in ensuring that you are appropriately linked with your SMS provider's platform and that you can create the number of short links you require consistently. 7 Best Practices in SMS Marketing  Here are the seven best practices in successful SMS marketing. 1. Make your Message Short Yet Meaningful Simply put, do not waste your recipients’ time by sending them messages that are long and often received by batch. Your recipients might have shown interest in your promotions, but they6 can also instantly opt to stop their subscription if they think you are wasting their time. Hence, aim to send compact and sharp messages that concisely communicate your points while offering value to your recipients. Like in any marketing campaign, you should try for as much relevance and personalization as possible. Avoid using abbreviations in your content to conserve space, as this might come off as unprofessional. Instead, focus on producing a brief, powerful message that will be valuable to the receiver. If you are to include links in your message, be wise and use a link shortening service. It will help you save character count. In addition, they also look more professional compared to using long and clunky links. 2. Complement other Marketing Channels Perhaps, all marketers want their campaigns to be optimized as much as possible. And you can optimize your marketing campaigns by using each of your channels to complement the other.  For instance, you can use your email or social media channels to promote your SMS campaign and show people how to sign up.  Likewise, you can also use your text messaging campaign to optimize your other advertising channels. You may send a text message to your subscribers with instructions on how they can reach you through social media or hope they can sign-up for your email subscription campaign.  This marketing tactic is simple yet very powerful in optimizing all of your campaigns. In fact, it is not uncommon for companies to use this kind of tactic.  3. Don’t Go Overboard Yes, you have their permission to send them promotional adverts through text messages, but you should still limit your campaign. You may not want to lose your subscribers just because you are sending promotional text messages too frequently.  Instead, try to send up to four text messages to your subscribers within a month. This means you can send a message on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. However, every business and customer is unique. So, you should also consider your engagement rates and metrics to determine how often you should send promotional SMS.  4. Schedule your Text Messages Wisely For sure, you or your subscriber will not send a text message to your subscribers during midnight when they are sleeping soundly. But, you should still schedule your text messages properly.  You should determine the best time to send your subscriber an SMS advert, and you can do this by considering several factors. Here are some of the crucial factors you may consider to determine the best time to send your text messages.  What are you promoting? The content or product you are promoting impacts the time frame you should send your messages. For example, if you are advertising content on your webpage, you should send the advertisement to your subscribers when they have the time to read the content. Meanwhile, if you are promoting a deal, know the perfect time when your subscribers are ready to make a purchase. These simple considerations are very straightforward yet have the power to maximize your ROI.  How do your consumers engage with your adverts? Knowing your customers’ habits and past actions also plays a crucial role in determining when to send your SMS campaign. You can learn more about your subscribers by looking up and analyzing the data you tracked in the previous campaigns. It will help you determine the type of promotions they are most interested in and the best time to send them content.   5. Offer Exclusive Promotions If you are advertising through text messages, consider sending them an exclusive value that you do not offer on your other channels. This gives your subscribers a reason to subscribe to your text campaign and stay being subscribed. Imagine what is most likely to happen if you offer a value they can also get using other channels they are already subscribed with. Yes, they are most likely to unsubscribe to your other channel and only stay on the channel they think is the most convenient. But if you are offering exclusive deals, discounts, or content access to a specific channel, they are most likely to subscribe and least likely to unsubscribe after some time.  6. Utilize MMS Aside from sending a text message, you can also enhance your text campaign by sending your subscribers multimedia messaging services (MMS). This type of message allows you to include images, videos, and gifs. You may also use up to 1,600 characters of text. The campaign and the tone you want to set will determine if an MMS is appropriate and what media to employ. Here are some of the best uses of MMS in text messaging campaigns.  Send a preview of new arrivals. Send exclusive coupons to boost in-store sales. Send an invitation to in-store activities. Give early access to sales. Send a personalized greeting for a birthday or anniversary. 7. Use Short Branded Links As previously mentioned, SMS messages should only consume up to 160 characters. So, including long links could be a big problem. Including a long link in your SMS will eat up most of the character count and leave less space for what you have to say. In addition, long links are also clunky and messy. As a result, they often upstage the campaign, making your ROI lower.  These are just a few of the many reasons marketers are recommended to use short branded links in their marketing campaigns. If you want to learn more reasons, you can read our article about short branded and customized links.  FAQS Here are some of the frequently asked questions about SMS links and SMS Marketing. Do SMS links affect my message’s deliverability rate? If you are using generic links, it may affect the deliverability rate of your SMS messages. However, there are some ways you can prevent this from happening without sacrificing your short links. You can include branded links with a custom domain in your SMS messages, as it is proven to increase the deliverability of SMS marketing. Also, using branded links gives you more opportunities to increase brand impression.  Do I have to use SMS links? You are not required to use SMS links in your marketing. However, we encouraged you to. SMS links are way shorter than long links and are generated explicitly for SMS marketing. In addition, it is proven by many businesses that incorporating SMS links in your text messaging campaign can offer various benefits, including a higher click-through rate, higher ROI, and more. Should SMS be connected to other marketing channels? Yes. Though SMS is a separate marketing channel, you can still connect them to your other marketing channel. It is also commonplace for businesses to use SMS Marketing to complement and optimize their other marketing channels.  For example, you can send a text message to your subscribers urging them to follow you on social media or read your content.  You can also use your other channel to complement and optimize your SMS campaign.  What is the best way to use SMS? There are several ways to use SMS to meet specific critical goals in a marketing stack, especially if you don't have an app or your app isn't doing as well as you'd want as a direct messaging channel. It's also an excellent medium for immediacy (delivery of important, time-sensitive notifications), increasing reach (particularly among app-less users), and cultivating loyalty (texts can make the relationship between brands and consumers personal). Why is SMS marketing effective? Most people are holding their phones most of the time they are awake. And so, it is best to reach them directly by sending a text message on their smartphones. This fact allows SMS Marketing to have an up to 98 percent of open rate. Just for comparison, email marketing only has up to 20 percent open rate.  What are SMS Links? SMS Links are short links that are generated for SMS marketing purposes. They are compact and more professional-looking compared to long and clunky links. Using SMS links in your text messaging campaign allows you to enjoy a vast range of benefits, including a higher click-through rate and higher ROI. Do SMS links help me achieve higher engagement? Yes, SMS links also help you have a higher engagement. If you ask how, it is primarily because the audience trusts SMS links. And so, it achieves higher clicks and gives your campaign higher engagement. Notably, branded SMS links can achieve a higher engagement and click-through rate, which means you can generate more leads using them.  Can I customize the domain of my SMS links? Of course. In fact, we recommend you customize the domain of your SMS links as it leads to a higher deliverability rate. Customizing the domain of your new links allows you to connect the link structure to your brand or the type of content they are linked to. Can I track the engagement of my SMS Links? Yes, and there are many ways you can use that. First, you can use the analytics tool of your short messages service provider. They track the engagement of your messages and record them. You can access them through your dashboard.  The second way to track the performance of your SMS links is through your short link provider. They are also recording every click of your short links. You can also access them in your dashboard. The last method you can use to track the performance of your links is through Google analytics. Prior to tracking, you have to set a UTM parameter in your links so Google Analytics can track them. You also have a dashboard where you can access the data gathered through the UTM parameters you set. How do branded links differ from short links? Branded links use a custom domain, while short links use the domain of your link shortener. They are called branded links because they typically use your brand as the domain of your short links. Final Message SMS Marketing offers many businesses the opportunity to attain higher engagement from their audience, which leads to higher revenue and return on investment. That is why many marketers are now using this channel to level up their marketing. And the number of businesses to utilize this marketing method will not stop getting bigger anytime soon.  Notably, one incorporation to SMS marketing that is also seeing constant growth over the years is the SMS links, which is also highly beneficial. SMS links allow you to save up space and take your marketing campaigns, of any channels, to another height. Sadly, many marketers are still hesitant to use SMS links in their marketing campaigns due to specific reasons, including wrong beliefs.  They chose to utilize long links, affecting a campaign’s effectiveness and taking up too much character count. Also,l are missing many benefits that they can only achieve by using short SMS links.  Suppose you want to learn more about SMS links and other link services. In that case, do not hesitate to visit’s website. By creating a free account, you can use our link shortening tool to condense your links. If you require more link shortening services such as branded links, SMS links, QR codes, and more, we also offer cost-effective premium plans that allow you to track links statistics. Get Started today to learn more. 

December 05, 2021 How to Make a QR Code and 5 Great Ways You Can Get the Most Out of It

Most people, including you, think that QR codes are highly technical and hard to create. But that is not the case in the present. Probably it is back to the days when QR codes are just starting to be popular. There are many QR Code generator services available over the internet that can help you how to make a QR code instantly. Notably, the smartest QR code generator is  In this article, we will walk you through the steps of how to make a QR code. Also, we will cover essential things you should know about it. Continue reading to learn more.  What is a QR Code, and How Does it Work? A quick response (QR) code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that stores data. Compared to barcodes, QR codes can store more information, including text, links, contact numbers, email, contact entries, calendar entries, and more. Notably, QR codes can store up to  7089 digits or 4296 characters, including special characters. In addition, it is essential to keep in mind that the more data a QR code stores, the larger it can get and the more complex its structure is.  Each squiggle and pattern of the QR code represents binary codes. When you scan QR codes using a QR code reader, the scanner decodes the binary code and interprets the data. Because the QR code is only a data storage representation, it does not save personal information other than the location, time, and operating system used to scan the data. Nowadays, since most smartphones are powered by artificial intelligence, their camera can scan a QR code and accurately read the data embedded in them. So, smartphone users don’t have to install a separate application to scan a QR code.  Brief History of QR Code QR code was invented by Masahiro Hara together with his team of two back in 1994. The project started when a subsidiary manufacturing company, DENSO WAVE, required to need a better, quicker, and stronger barcode innovation to process more significant amounts of characters and help in the vehicle and part tracking. Of course, the project had faced countless problems before succeeding. One of the challenges Masahiro Hara and his team is finding a way to make a two-dimensional code be read as fast as possible without compromising the accuracy of the stored data once the location detecting pattern's form was added. The pattern has to be unique, so Hara’s team spent the first half of the project’s time experimenting with the ratio of white to black areas. After a long time of experimentation, they found out that the perfect ratio is 1:1:3:1:1.  This ratio is crucial in identifying the black and white patches in the position detection pattern that allowed the code to be read regardless of scanning angle. To make it simple, using this unique black to white area ratio allows the scanner could scan the QR code from up, down, left or right, without affecting the accuracy.  Though QR codes are initially meant for manufacturing uses, they have become an open-source technology accessible to everyone.  Nowadays, QR codes are more complex yet deliver the same function. You can now customize and be creative when creating a QR code, making QR codes stylish.  Understanding QR Code Anatomy  Admittedly, many people are reminded of static white noise seen on old TVs when they see a QR code. QR initially looks like a pixelated black and white image. However, each square you can see in a QR code is a marker that serves an essential purpose in the code's information-sharing capabilities. Here are the critical parts of a QR code and their respective functions Positioning detection markers -also known as the finder pattern, these three identical structures are located at the three corners of the QR code. Each pattern is built on a 3x3 matrix of black modules bordered by white modules surrounded by black modules. The Finder Patterns allow the decoder program to detect the QR Code and establish its orientation. Alignment markings -alignment markings aid the decoder software in adjusting for minor visual distortions. Notably, more alignment patterns are added depending on the size of information encoded in the QR code.  Timing pattern -this alternating black and white modules in the QR code is critical in accurately configuring the data grid. These lines enable the scanner to determine the size of the data matrix. Version information -also known as format information, this section is consists of 15 bits and is placed near the position detection markers. This section stores information about the error tolerance level of the QR code. It also contains the masking pattern. This section also helps the scanner to scan the QR code instantly. Data and error correction keys -this part of your QR code is where all your data are stored. This section is also composed of error correction keys that allow the scanner to read the codes even up to thirty percent of the code is damaged.  The Quiet Zone If you think this part of your QR code is useless, you are entirely mistaken. This white space in the edge of your Qr code offers structure to the code and optimizes its readability. The quiet zone is vital for the scanning device to distinguish the QR code from its surroundings.  Static Vs. Dynamic QR Code  QR codes come in various types. Though their appearance differs from each other, they all function in the same way. However, the most common type of QR code is the original version. Most businesses use this type of QR code. This version of Qr code is further divided into two types: static and dynamic QR codes.  Static QR Code Static QR code, as the name suggests, stores fixed information. This means that the data encoded in this type of QR code are uneditable once the code is generated. Static QR codes are most suitable for personal use and are commonly used in employee IDs, event badges, and much more.  In addition, since they are hard-coded and cannot be altered, Static QR codes are not ideal for marketing. Notably, the Static QR code does not track scan information and will redirect the user to one URL only. Also, Static QR codes are typically very dense and are harder to scan.  Dynamic QR code Meanwhile, Dynamic QR codes are editable. So, you can alter, update and edit the information stored in them.  In addition, dynamic QR  codes are less dense and are easier to scan than the static type. Dynamic QR codes also allow you to track data and change your URL or content at any moment, saving you time and money on printing. While static Qr codes directly store fixed data, dynamic QR codes instead have a short redirection URL assigned to them. It means that the size of the date you will encode in a dynamic code will not affect its scale.  Dynamic Qr codes are pretty standard in optimizing marketing campaigns. It is because they can track and measure your campaign’s statistics, which is vital in marketing. Employing dynamic codes in your campaign allows you to determine when, where, and with what device a scan took place. Why Use QR Codes? Many businesses are already employing QR codes in their marketing campaigns, and it is for a reason. Here are some of the reasons why you should start employing QR codes in your marketing.  Versatility. You can use QR codes in countless ways. This is one of the primary reasons why these interactive codes are almost everywhere. They can encode everything from basic business cards to complicated touchless payment systems. They also power WiFi authentication, event registration, and ordering systems.  When you understand a QR code, you'll see that the format is a bit of a blank slate. With QR codes, you can encode almost anything and send them to your audiences. Furthermore, the small size of the QR code makes it ideal for campaigns with limited space, such as brochures, infographics, and other offline and online adverts.  Engaging As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. QR code not only allows you to multiply your content but also enhances the quality of your content. By linking your audience to a landing page of rich content, you can ensure that your campaign is engaging and of high quality. Include images and videos on the landing page of your QR code, and you can surely see higher engagement from your audience. In addition, QR codes make it convenient for people to access your page, which contains promotional rich media. Hence, they are more likely to interact and scan the Qr codes in the adverts you deployed. Further, this will give your business more leads and higher revenue.  Lower Costs Many businesses are spending a large amount of money with their printed campaigns like brochures, catalogs, ads, and signage. But, using a QR code to help, you cut off most of these expenses. Instead of printing bulk materials that cost you a lot, replace them with a QR code that redirects your probable customers to the same content. And since you can update and replace the content on the landing page, you do not have to invest too much time and money to provide the audience with fresh and new content.  Trackable .Every non-confidential detail of the people who scanned your QR code is tracked and recorded. This data will give you a clearer vision of who to target, when to target them, and where. So, you can ensure that you are walking on the right path. It will also increase the conversion rate of your campaigns as you can retarget these people as they already show interest in your products.  QR code tracking data also allows you to make a better change in your marketing.  By looking closely at how your audiences typically interact with your encoded contents, you can determine the best way to drive them to make a pleasant action.  Interactive .Printed media is an excellent way to introduce your brand to the public. However, one of the most significant downsides of using offline media is its lack of interactiveness. It is the reason why QR codes are widely used in printed campaigns. Include a QR code in your printed adverts to make it easier for people to access your content. You can redirect your audience to a page on your website that contains deals, content, or rich media like video tutorials and more.  How to Make a QR Code? Many people think it is complicated to create a Qr code, but that is not the case. The QR code creation process is actually simple. It is thanks to many excellent QR code generator services, including Without further ado, here’s the process on how to make a Qr code.  Step 1: Select a QR code service. There are various QR code generator services out there. But you should choose the QR code generator service that is compatible with most QR code mobile applications.  Besides QR code readability and compatibility, it is also crucial to determine whether a tool you want to use can accurately track your QR codes’ engagement. As always said by many marketers, a statistic is useless if it is not accurate. If you also require a link shortening service, it is best to know if your links shortening service also offers QR code generator features. Some Link engagement services like also allows you to create and customize your own QR code for your marketing needs. Step 2: Decide on the content you are promoting. Once you already have a QR code generator service, your next step should be deciding on the type of content you want to show your audience once they scan the code.  You can encode several types of content in your QR code, including images, texts, social media profile links, app download links, contact details, URLs, and more. Step 3: Enter your data. After selecting the type of content you want to promote, a field or form will appear where you can type in the details of your content.  For instance, if you choose to promote your contact details, you will be prompted with a set of fields where you can enter your email address, phone numbers, associated message, and more, depending on the service you are using.  Typically, if you promote an online page, you just need to paste the link to your destination page.  Note that the data you should enter in your QR code should match the purpose of your campaign.  Step 4: Customize your Codes Once you have entered all your necessary data and granted the tool to generate a QR code, you will have a typical black and white QR code. But, it should not be the end of your creation process.  You can opt to customize your QR code. You can change its color so it will match your brand or the theme of your campaign. You can also add a call-to-action extension design to your Qr code so it can be more effective.  You may also add a logo to your QR code so that it will become one of your brand’s assets.  Note that some customization may affect the readability of your QR codes. So, it is better to generate an uncustomized version to have a backup if the custom QR code is not working.  Step 5: Run a QR code test In everything that you do, an error may occur. So, it is best to run a test before the actual implementation. It is the same when it comes to QR codes. You can check if your QR code is working just by simply scanning it using your mobile device. If the code is successfully scanned, then it is working.  The next thing you should check is the information it will show you. It is a must to ensure that the QR code will show accurate information. You may not want to waste advertising campaigns just because you did not check if the QR code shows accurate content. 5 Best Practices in Utilizing QR Codes Add a Call to Action Adding a clear call to action is the best practice every marketer should not forget.  Since there are a lot of QR codes out there, make sure that your audience will understand the function of your code. So make sure to include a context to your QR codes by putting in a call to action to your QR code which will help the audience have a clear expectation of the landing page.  For instance, if your QR Code links your target to a content or a deal, you can put a call to action like “Scan to Learn More.” It will help them understand what they should expect when they scan your QR code.  Notably, QR codes with a clear call to action generate more scans. It is due to the fact that people hate wasting their time scanning a random QR code, which they do not recognize what is for. But, through a call to action, the audience gets to know if the content of your QR code interests them and is most likely to scan the code consciously. Optimize Your Landing Page’s Mobile View One thing is for sure; people will scan your code through their mobile devices. No one has too much time to scan the QR code through a desktop.  So, you must optimize the mobile view of your landing page.  You may not want to lose your probable lead for revenue just because your landing page is not optimized for mobile access.  Add Logo to Your Code Every time you will put a QR code in your adverts is a branding opportunity. So make sure to customize your QR code to make it a part of your brand.  Adding your logo to your QR code helps your audience be confident that your QR code is legitimate and is safe to scan. In addition, on-brand QR codes generate more scans than regular QR codes. It also has a higher conversion rate.  Track Progress Tracking your QR code’s progress will help you determine whether your campaign is succeeding or failing.  This will provide you with information on the performance rate, allowing you to make necessary changes or better future projects. Tracking the QR codes you've created provides you with plenty of metrics that aid in your understanding of QR code scanning activity. You'll be in a great position to respond to it if you have such rich and real-time data. That entails making adjustments and improving the performance of your QR codes. In addition to making adjustments to your campaign materials, it will also help you understand your audience better. It provides you with a safe amount of information about people who show interest in your services or products. This will help you maximize the conversion rate of your adverts by giving you a clearer vision of whom to target, when to target, and where to target them.   Run a QR Code Test For sure, you don’t want to render your adverts and campaigns useless due to not working QR code or landing page. So, it is a must for you to run a QR code test.  One of the handiest aspects of doing a QR code test is that you can immediately determine whether or not a QR code is functioning or working by simply scanning it. If your code works well, you can confidently employ it in your adverts.  If you are to make some changes to your landing page, it is still vital to retest your QR code regardless of how minimal your changes are. It will help you determine whether the changes affect the code scannability and the overall look of your landing page.  Here are some of the questions you can ask to guide you in testing your QR codes.  Does your QR code scan smoothly, given that you followed the QR code design guidelines? Does it scan from the distance I specify (in the instance of putting QR codes on billboards)? Is it leading to the accurate information you've entered? Is it functional when scanned with different devices? Frequently Asked Questions Here are some of the frequently asked questions about QR codes answered. What is a QR code? A QR code is an abbreviation for Quick Response code. It functions similarly to a bar code but may store far more information. It's a two-dimensional data matrix, not a series of bars, and it can carry up to 7,089 numeric characters or 4,296 alphanumeric characters. As a result, they are far more adaptable than ordinary bar codes. Where did QR codes come from? Masahiro Hara and his two-person team devised the QR code in 1994. The project began when DENSO WAVE, a subsidiary manufacturing firm, needed a better, faster, and more robust barcode innovation to handle more significant characters and aid in a vehicle and part tracking. Is it safe to use a QR code? Yes, QR codes are safe. However, spammers and hackers can use them to link people to a malware-infected website, so it’s a good idea to be smart about the QR codes that you are scanning. If they seem to be from a questionable source, treat them like any other unknown link! For marketers, it is best to customize and add a logo to your QR codes. It will help you generate more scans as they look more trustworthy and legitimate. What are the benefits of using QR codes? QR codes offer a wide range of practical applications. You may utilize the feature for more convenient purchasing experiences, while businesses rely on QR codes as a cost-effective approach to communicate with their target audience. And since QR codes are highly flexible, marketers can employ them in many ways in many of their campaigns--whether offline or online. In addition, employing QR codes in your marketing campaigns also allows you to track their effectiveness. It also helps you understand your audience well by providing their non-confidential info, including demographic profiles. This date will help you leverage your marketing campaign and determine the necessary changes you should employ. Can I create my QR code? Yes, there are a lot of online tools that will help you create your own QR codes. Note that most free QR code generators only allow you to generate QR codes and not customize them. We recommend using the smartest QR Code online tool that allows you to customize your own QR code for marketers. How flexible are QR codes? QR code’s flexibility is the primary reason why many marketers opt to utilize it in most marketing campaigns. They have a built-in error correction feature, which allows you to be creative in creating your QR code without compromising its scannability. And so, you can customize your QR codes to match them with the theme of your campaigns. Notably, some of the common ways to make QR codes are changing their color and adding a logo to them. How can I track a QR code? There are two ways you can track your QR codes. The first is through your QR code service provider. Most QR code provider has a built-in analytics tool that allows you to track the performance of your generated codes. Most QR code generators only give you access to the tracking records if you subscribe to their premium plan. The second way to track your QR codes is through Google Analytics. You can set a UTM parameter to the custom you will encode to your QR code. The UTM parameter you set enables Google to record every scan details of your codes, which you can access through the Google Analytics dashboard. What sorts of businesses use QR codes? Literally, all businesses can utilize QR codes. Since QR codes are versatile, you can employ them in your marketing or day-to-day business processes. For instance, marketers typically employ QR codes to direct the audiences to a web page or an online shop page. Meanwhile, offline businesses like restaurants use QR codes to replace their printed menus. QR codes can be used in many ways by many businesses of all niches. Can a QR code have errors? Not all QR Codes can be scanned successfully. If you encounter problems when scanning a QR code, you may occasionally alter your reader's error correction rate; however, most readers automatically error correct up to a maximum of 30%. Errors can be caused by a variety of factors, including: -Codes that are huge or extremely little -Codes from a long distance -Codes that have been smeared or otherwise disfigured -Codes with an excessive number of design elements If your code is having issues, consider eliminating any design aspects and starting from scratch. If you want to be creative with your QR code design, continue to test your codes via trial and error until you find the right combination of design and usefulness. How are QR codes structured? The main reason for the complexity of QR codes is the wide range of relevant details encoded in them. Qr codes contain information about versions and formats, data and error correction keys, timing and position patterns, as well as the quiet zone. This information represented through pixels plays a crucial role in the accuracy and scannability of the code. Should You Start Using QR Codes for Your Business? QR codes integration into ordinary human activities is constantly increasing year after year. With the advancement of technology, you as a business owner now have more alternatives and flexibility in progressing your marketing. It also demonstrates that it is unlikely to become outdated anytime soon, rendering all of your enhancements antiquated. It will only be a matter of time until everyone realizes they need to learn how to scan them. With all the benefits QR codes can offer, it is sure to bring a massive impact to your business. It helps you simplify things, which will help you increase your potential leads for higher revenue. And it does not require you much training or investment. QR codes are one of the valuable marketing tools you can employ to help you catapult your business and marketing plan. Suppose you need to create a QR code to employ in your campaigns, do not hesitate to use the smartest and most powerful tool, a.k.a Get Started today and learn more about our QR codes and short links services.

December 01, 2021 How to Shorten URL: 5 Best Tips and Tricks in Shortening Your Links

URLs are typically long and clunky, which is pretty annoying. The usual internet address is too long to enter by hand, and URLs appear ugly when written in a post. In addition, posting long links on microblogging sites, including Twitter and Tumblr, can use up most of your character limit.  These are some of the reasons why short URL generator is so popular.  They allow you to take a long and inconvenient URL and turn it into a short and snappy web address with only a few clicks. When you shorten URLs, the provider will automatically redirect your abbreviated URL to the full-length website address. The user who clicks the abbreviated URL does not need to be aware that it has been shortened; it occurs automatically. However, the reason why link shortener is increasingly becoming popular is not limited to shorten URL. Many link shortener services are now packed up with robust and beneficial features that can help you leverage your marketing. And can now offer many benefits to their users. Continue reading to discover more reasons why you should shorten URLs.  Why do you have to shorten URLs? Many people, including proprietors, are still hesitant to use short URL generator. People initially think that a short URL generator only helps them in generating short and compact URL slugs, which is untrue. Here are some of the reasons why you should condense your URLs.  Increased Audience Trust Sites with lengthy URLs loaded with nonsensical character combinations appear spammy. And so, if you include a shorter and tidy link in your posts, your audiences are more likely to trust the credibility and authority of the landing page you shared. In addition, if your short slug is branded or customized, your post also helps you introduce your brand by giving its much-needed exposure. Hence, shortening and branding URLs is very advantageous for small and new businesses. Sharing Is Easier With Shorter URLs Your audience will be able to share your work more conveniently if you use short URLs. Consider this: if your URL is long and complicated, it will appear strange if shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, or in an email. Not to mention the fact that it is not memorable. On the other hand, short URL slugs are more worthy of sharing since they are compact and do not consume too many characters. In addition, short and memorable can also be spread through word-of-mouth. They are easy to pronounce and easy to memorize.  Customized Short Links are Aligned with User Expectation You can also customize the back half of your links so you can connect them to the content of your landing page. For instance, if your landing page contains deals and special offers, you can customize the path of your link as “your.domain/deals” or “your.domain/special offers”. If the audience already knew where the link will redirect them or what content they should expect, they will most likely click the link. To put it simply, aligning your links to the type of content of your landing page helps you earn the trust of your audience and increase the clicks and engagement you can generate. Just to clarify, most links shorteners only allow you to customize your link with their subscription plans.  It is More Convenient to Track Short Links Shorter links are easier to track. Most link shortening services record the engagement a short link generates. This statistical record is then rendered to you, so you can use it to learn your audiences’ activity. Some of the vital information you can learn through these statistics is the demographic profile of your interested audience, from what platform they are from, what time they click your links, and more. This data helps you elevate your marketing plan as you now have a clearer vision of whom to target, where to share your links, which campaign generates more revenue, and what time you should post your adverts.  It Generates More Clicks and Leads If you add up the first four benefits, it will lead you to generate more clicks and leads. The audience trusts shorter links, so they are enticed to click on them if they are interested. In return, it generates more clicks, which then become your lead. If the visitor ends up leaving your website without doing anything or purchasing anything, you can retarget them by sending them advertisements. It will help you drive them back to your website and buy something.  Now that you already know how beneficial link shortener services are, you may want to know the best link shortener services you can use. Read on to discover the five best link shortening services and how you can shorten URLs using them.  Top 5 Best Link Shorteners and How to Shorten URL Using Them  Here are our five best link shorteners you can use. This list also includes a step-by-step tutorial on how you can shorten URL using each service. Note that the list does not rank the following tools.  BITLY Bitly is a popular and powerful short URL generator tool. Bitly (previously is a link shortening service with a comprehensive dashboard that includes click-through rates and channel information, as well as performance insights for your links. It also shows the geographical location of folks who have followed your links. Small businesses will benefit from Bitly's free membership, which gives 1,000 unbranded links and 30 days of link reporting. You may also make branded links with the software. It connects with social media management systems, allowing you to distribute your shortened links throughout your social media networks efficiently. Notably, you can customize and brand your link with their premium subscription.  Its premium package includes all of the above data and KPIs and the ability to brand 10,000+ links every month. This membership class is for large companies who want to brand and track every link in their marketing efforts. Bitly is ideal for individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. It has the advantage of being accessible and adding custom slugs, making it suited for both personal and commercial use.  Here are some of the other features Bitly’s premium plan offer.  Additional Features Customize domain Analytics dashboard Audience Intelligence Customize URL Integration with Zapier and TweetDeck Fully-responsive Cloud-hosted URL retargeting Here is the step-by-step process on how you can shorten URL using Bitly.  1. Copy the URL of your chosen landing page.  2. Open Bitly in your web browser. 3. Paste the URL into the "Shorten your link" field, then select "Shorten." 4. Click "Copy" to grab the new short  URL. Hero.Link is another excellent link shortener for enterprises. It's an short URL generator platform specially built to aid e-commerce in leveraging their marketing campaigns. Click-through rate, social media data, and audience retargeting are just a few of the link shortener capabilities available on to help you make the most of your marketing plan. In addition, this platform also allows you to shorten a URL for free. You just need to create a free account. You can also brand and customize your URL slugs through their subscription plans. Besides branding and customization, among the notable premium features of are campaign and link rotator, campaign tracking, and social media statistics. They offer three premium packages: the individual, business, and unlimited plan. For websites expecting large numbers of clicks and usually generating numerous links, it is best to subscribe to the unlimited plan. This plan allows you to generate links and track an unlimited number of clicks each month.  In addition to the mentioned features above, here are other great features’s premium plans offer. Additional Features Smart Targeting Geo-Targeting Custom Aliases QR Code Generator Bio Profiles Developer API Event Tracking Branded Domains Campaigns & Link Rotator Here is a detailed tutorial on how you can shorten your links using Log in or create your free account.  Copy the URL of your landing site.  Paste the link you want to shorten into the “Paste your long URL” field.  Then, click the “Shorten” button. Click “Copy” to get your new short URL slug.  Rebrandly While Rebrandly, like all of the other platforms on our list, is a superb URL shortener and has a distinct appeal. Rebrandly thinks that personalizing links to information that references them from all over the web adds value to brands, whether they are products or people. Their free plan includes five unique domains, allowing you to personalize the entire short URL rather than just the final half. Rebrandly also offers tools for measuring the engagement of each link, as well as information on who is clicking on them and the creation of automated QR codes. You're restricted to 500 total branded links and 5,000 monitored clicks each month on the free plan, but that's enough if you're just getting started. Rebrandly also provides additional features like link retargeting support and establishing distinct workspaces and teams, making it the finest URL shortener for teams. Here are some of the distinct features Rebrandly offers.  Additional Features Bulk link creation UTM parameters API access 100+ app integrations Emojis on short links GDPR-compatible Rapid auto-scaling servers Private reporting Custom reports Click tracking Here is the process on how you can shorten your link using Rebrandly.  Sign in to your Rebrandly account Click ‘new link.’ Then, paste the URL you want to shorten Decide which domain you want to use Customize the slash tag. Click ‘create link. BL.INK BL.INK is a full-featured URL shortener that can be used to shorten lengthy URLs and track the traffic generated by your connections. It has a dashboard that displays trending links and essential information and an analytics page that allows you to look at traffic by device, location, and referrers. You may also filter clicks based on the time of day. Tags, which you may apply to your shortened links, allow you to see your link traffic in new and unique ways, making them ideal for campaign tracking and coordination. BL.INK has four premium tiers to provide small businesses, teams, and enterprises with a range of alternatives based on the number of links they need to establish and manage. Users with a free account may create 1,000 active links, track up to 1,000 clicks per link, and build branded links with a custom domain. BL.INK is one of your best alternatives if you're a business needing a full-service URL shortener, and Bitly's enterprise-grade package sounds excessive. Other than those mentioned, here are the other notable features BL.INK can offer.  Additional Features Link Management Analytics QR Code Support UTM Campaign Builder Mobile Deep Link Support Custom Keywords Clicks Tracked/Link Custom Home Page Redirect Here is how you can shorten links using BL.INK First, log in to BL.INK At the top of the dashboard, click the arrow and select your preferred domain from the list. Select New Link. Paste the long URL of your destination page into the first text field. In the second field, BL.INK will generate a keyword  Click Save. Your new link is ready to be shared! TinyURL TinyURL is a free short URL generator tool established in 2002. It is a tool that can help you generate shortened links in an instant. The short links may be generic, but they do not expire. The tool is easy to use can generate unique shortened links quickly. For a good reason, TinyURL is still one of the best link shortener platforms. You can also customize the back half of your links for free using TinyURL.  Although you don't need an account to use TinyURL, you can see a history of all your shortened links if you create one. If you want features like tracking and analytics, customized domains, and the option to modify where each TinyURL travels, you may upgrade to a subscription account. Here are the other features TinyURL offers.  Fast redirection Option to customize the shortened URL Anonymous usage Easy-to-use Here is how you can shorten your links using TinyURL. Copy the link of your destination page.  Then, paste the link on the box. Customize the back half of the URL.  Click “Make TinyURL.”  5 Best Tips and Tricks in Shortening Your URL Once you shorten your links, you’re already a step ahead of the competition. However, you can further elevate your marketing by following these five best tips and tricks in Shortening your URLs.  Use Branded Domains for Your Short Links Typically, short links use the domain of the link shortener platform in your shortened links. However, you can decide on your own domain to use in your short links. You can create a domain that will match your brand or company profile. It will help you embed your enterprise’s identity to all the links you share. For instance, Starbucks uses as their domain which gives the audience a hint that the link will redirect them to a webpage of Starbucks.  Using branded domains can offer you many benefits. Here are some of the benefits branded domains can offer you.  Increased brand exposure and trust. Every time you share a link on a social platform is an opportunity to expose your brands online. You can take advantage of it by branding your links. Instead of using a generic domain, use a branded unique domain to help the audience recognize you easily. Since the domain gives the audience a clue to where the link came from, people trust them more than generic short URLs.  Higher click-through-rate. Since the audience trusts branded links, they tend to get more clicks from the audience. Hence, branded links are more effective in increasing referral traffics and exposure to your content.  Customize the Back Half of Your Link Attaching your brand to the domain is strong in and of itself, but you can also tweak your link’s back half or path to improve it even more. You can use a clear call-to-action path like /donate, /invest, or /avail-now, or you can employ memorable keywords to help people remember your links. Customizing the path of your link is especially useful for offline marketing. Users can conveniently put branded and customized links into their web browsers since they are easier to type. You may also customize the back half of your links to match your deals and products. For instance, your company has added a new function to its website. To make your audience aware of your new service or product, you might utilize the name of the new feature as the back half of your link. The same may be said about your other services and goods. Customizing the back half of your short URLs also helps you in gaining the trust of your audience. If they are interested in the content on your landing page, people are more likely to click the link. It works by giving them a hint to where they will be redirected and what content they should expect.  Generate QR Codes for Offline Campaigns When it comes to printed adverts, QR code is the best redirecting technique a marketer can employ. It is because QR Codes allow offline adverts to be somehow interactive. QR Codes are paper-based hyperlink that connects the physical world to the online world. Yes, the audience still can’t click them, but they can automatically scan the code to be redirected to the requested destination page. Employing QR codes increases the chance that the audience will visit your webpage.  Here are the other advantages of utilizing QR Codes in Offline Marketing. QR codes can be used as Call-To-Action.  They promote sharing and networking. They optimize your SEO You are free to be creative in creating QR Codes. They are suitable in printed materials than links.  Compare Similar Deals Using Short Link Rotator  Before implementing a deal, you can test them first with the help of your link shortener platform. Link rotator is a specialized short URL that redirects users to a different landing page. By sending an equal amount of traffic to two or more destination pages, proprietors can determine which deals will generate more revenue or which campaign drives the visitors to do a pleasant activity.  Besides allowing you to test deals and campaigns, Using a link rotator also offer you the following advantages. Track your conversions. The use of a link rotator allows you to measure the success of your links, which is vital for landing pages, opt-in forms, and other applications. Interaction with your audience. This form of passive interaction has its own set of benefits: a better user experience. Based on how your users interact with your website, you may then optimize these features. Determine and revive ineffective landing pages. Regardless of their performance, you can ensure that all landing page receives equal exposure by rotating your links. It will help you determine the landing pages that are not working, which you can further enhance and optimize.  Link rotator is a powerful A/B testing tool that can help you maximize your revenue through your deals and adverts. It ensures that you invest in the best campaigns that can give you the ideal return on investment.  Track Links  One of the best practices in shortening your links is tracking the performance of your links. Link shortener platforms record the data of the click generated by your shortened links, which you can access through your dashboard. Recorded data typically includes the following pieces of information.  The demographic profile of those who show interest in your website The time they clicked the link Which link generated the most clicks Which sharing platform did they come from  These pieces of information are essential in your next marketing step. It will give you a clearer vision of whom to target, where to target them, and what type of content to send them. In return, you can maximize your conversion rate and return on investment. In addition, tracking your links enables you to optimize your website depending on how visitors interact with your website. And so, you can further ensure that you are investing in campaigns and deals that are effective and can elevate your revenue.  Notably, a premium subscription is required to access tracked link analytics alongside other rich data and handy features. is one of the best link shortening services that provide accurate information about the performance of your shortened links. Besides using your link shortener service’s built-in link tracking feature, you can also track your links by adding UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters to your links.  UTM is a short code that you include in your URLs that allows you to track the social media success of your links. Using UTM parameters in your links will help you see how many new page views and unique visitors came in through those parameters through Google Analytics. You can also compare results to determine which campaign has a higher conversion rate. Frequently Asked Questions Here are some of the frequently asked questions about short URLs answered. Why are link shortening services used? Initially, people used link shortening services to shorten long and clunky links, taking up fewer characters when shared on microblogging sites like Twitter. However, link shortening services are now more evolved and can offer many features to help people get the most out of their shared links. In fact, marketers and proprietors are encouraged to use links shortening services since short links are highly beneficial in marketing. The key benefits of using link shortening services include a higher click-through rate, offline campaign suitability, link tracking capability, and more.  How do you shorten URL? First, go to Then log in to your account. If you are a new user, you can create an account for free. You can instantly create an account by signing up using your Google or Facebook Account.  Once you’re already logged in, you can proceed by copying the long URL of your destination page.  Then, paste your long link into the “Paste your long URL” field.  Click the “Shorten” button. And the platform will automatically create a unique short URL that will redirect the users to your landing page.  Click “Copy” to get your new short URL slug. Now, your link is ready to share. How do short links work? Simply, shortened links are links that are mapped to your original link. When a user clicks on your short link, they will be automatically redirected to the mapped landing page. Note that short links do not, in any way, alter your original link. Once the user is redirected to the requested landing page, the URL bar will show the original link.  Can I make my own domain? Of course. In fact, it is recommended to create your own domain. Customizing your short link’s domain allows you to connect your links to your brand or the content users will be redirected to. It is an excellent opportunity to increase your brand’s social media exposure and increase the audience’s awareness of your brand. Do shortened links optimize my SEO? Simply shortening your links does not directly optimize your SEO. But, the click-through rate does. And since, shortening a URL raises the link’s click-through rate, it will help your link generate more clicks and attain a higher search engine ranking. In addition, short links are an exceptional way of driving referral traffic to your website, which is a critical factor considered by search engines in ranking websites.  While generic short links already help you get a significant amount of clicks and traffic, branded and customized links can promise you far more significant benefits. It is because people trust them and opt to click them rather than generic links.  How can I avoid ending up in a spam folder when using short links in email? One of the most significant issues when including abbreviated links in your email is that it affects your emails’ deliverability. However, you can avoid hurting your email deliverability while still using a short link through branded links. Branded links allow you to use a unique domain rather than using your short links provider’s domain. It will help you avoid being in the spam folder since it is less likely that email services will treat your custom-tailored domain as malicious.  How can I generate more clicks using short links? Yes. A higher click-through rate is one of the best benefits you can get in using link shortening services. Since long and messy links look suspicious, so people tend to avoid clicking them. On the other hand, short links are more organized and are trusted by the audience. So, they generate more clicks and send your website more referral traffic.  Notably, custom and branded links perform better than generic short links.  Do I have to subscribe to a premium plan to shorten my links? No. allows you to generate short links without subscribing to our premium packages. However, you have to create a free account.  Note that our customers and branded link feature, alongside other premium features, are only accessible by our subscribers. In fact, most link shortening services only allow their user to customize and brand links if they avail their paid plans. offer cost-effective plans that provide you with advanced features that can enhance your marketing. Can I include links in printed adverts? You are free to do such. However, take note that including long links on your printed adverts is not a wise decision. If you need to include links in your printed adverts, we recommend generating a QR code to redirect the audience to your landing page. QR codes automatically redirect the users to the requested web page once they scan the code.  What are generic short links? Generic short links are the default type of short links. Typically, the service will provide you with generic links if you use a free link shortening tool.  It is easy to tell if a short link is generic. Generic links use the link shortener service’s domain and use random alphanumeric codes as the path. Here’s an example of a generic short link: As you can see, the link’s domain is the same as the link shortening service’s domain. In addition,  the path is not customized and is comprised of a combination of random letters. Final Words URL is the bridge between navigators and the virtual place. However, the default URL is extensive and messy, making them seem inappropriate to be shared on the social platforms you are on. Not to mention that it is almost impossible to share long links on microblogging sites. But link shortener offers a simple yet powerful solution to this problem. Alongside shortening your long links, link shortening services can also provide robust features that can help you enhance your marketing, including smart targeting and analytics.  If you’re new to link shorteners, we recommend reading our article about The Best Guide to URL Shortener.  And suppose you are looking for a way to upgrade your marketing, do not hesitate to use the smartest link shortening tool, a.k.a We help you more than just shortening your links. Contact us and learn more about how we can help you make the most of your short links.

November 29, 2021 6 Best Ways You Can Incorporate Link Shortener in Your Marketing Plan

Perhaps, the easiest and simplest way of earning referral traffic to a website or webpage is by sharing the links on social media. Unfortunately, some social media platforms only allow you to input a limited count of characters. And since links are typically long, it can be tricky to post on these platforms, and sometimes it can be impossible.  But, there is a simple yet comprehensive solution to this--link shortener. Link shortener is a tool that allows you to crop your long and messy links so that you can post them in places with limited character count and space. With a link shortener, you can ensure that you can promote your web pages on every platform you’re on. And so, you can increase your website’s referral traffic.  In addition, URL shorteners can also offer many advantages, especially to businesses. Most of them come with handy features that can help you upgrade your marketing plan and generate more leads. Thanks to these innovations, business proprietors can step up their marketing and be ahead of their competitors.  However, link shortening services are still underrated. Though many giant names such as New York Times and Starbucks utilize this powerful tool, many proprietors are still hesitant. It is due to the misconception of URL shorteners. Typically, people think that link shorteners are only used to generate shorter links. However, that’s not the case. Link shortener had come a long way since its invention back in 2000. New helpful features have been introduced to many URL shorteners as time goes by. And many proprietors will benefit from these features by incorporating them in their business marketing. Here are some of the ways how.  Incorporating Link Shortener in Your  Business Marketing Today’s link shorteners are more than what their name suggests. They now include handy additional features that can hugely upgrade your marketing plan. Here are eight of the best ways to incorporate a link shortener in your business marketing and be ahead of the game.  Brand Your Links Whether long or short, every link is comprised of three parts: protocol, domain name, and path. While generic links use the name of the link shortening service you are using (, for example), branded links use a domain of your choice. Since you can decide your domain, you can create a domain that hints at your brand. For instance, Starbucks uses as their domain which gives the audience a hint that the link will redirect them to a webpage of Starbucks.  Since branded links use domains related to your brand, it is an effective marketing asset. Here are some of the reasons why you should brand your links.  The audience trusts them.  Branded link implies where clickers will be redirected to. In return, people trust links that are branded since they look less suspicious. Branded helps build trust between your target audience and your business, which is the key to customer loyalty.  They generate more clicks.  Since the audience trusts branded links, they tend to get more clicks from the audience. Hence, branded links are more effective in increasing referral traffics and exposure to your content.  Increase brand awareness.  Since branded links typically use the brand name as the domain, it is an effective tactic to increase the audience’s awareness of your brand. The link you’ll share hints at the type of services you offer or what type of website you have.  Indeed, the branded link is a powerful tactic you can add to your marketing. It can offer you various advantages that can boost your business in many ways. Here are some of the best practices in branding your links.  Customize the back half of your branded links.  Attaching your brand to the domain is already powerful by itself, but you can also customize your link’s back half or path to enhance your links further. You can either use a compelling call-to-action path like /donate, /invest, and  /avail-now or use keywords that can make your links easy to remember. This comes in very handy in the offline promotion. Branded and customized links are easy to type in the users’ web browsers, so they are more likely to do so.  You can also customize the path of your links to promote a new or previously existing product. For example, your business launched a new feature to your website. You can use the name of the new feature as the back half of your link so the audience can be aware of your new service or product. The same goes for your other existing products and services.  Build awareness of your brand slogan.  It’s not only your brand name that you can use as your short links’ domain; you can also make use of your slogan. Red Bull, for example, uses as their short link domain since their slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings.” This is a good practice in branding your links since you can also increase awareness of your brand’s slogan.   Since shared links are used in many platforms, it is the most visible element of your business’ online visual presence. So, when you create your own branded links, make sure to consider what your domain will reflect.  Be consistent Branded links increase brand recognition among your target audience. Since they already recognize that branded links are reputable and legitimate, they are more likely to click links that use the same domain. And so, it is crucial to be consistent with your domain. Being consistent with your brand links can further build trust between your audience and the short links.  Improved brand awareness may boost your audience's confidence and trust. It may also set your company apart from the competition, which is critical in a competitive market. Geotargeting Geo-targeting is a process of sending different promotional content to audiences based on their geographic information. It is commonly utilized in sponsored search campaigns and promotes a service or business to a local prospect.  Geo-based short links are like the other regular short links. However, they are more advantageous over standard short URLs. They can redirect users to different landing pages depending on their location.  Suppose you have a short link that you want to post to social media, but your landing page is location-specific; you can use geo-targeted links to redirect visitors to different landing pages available in their locality. For example, the webpage you want to share is specific to all locations except Canada. Using geo-targeted links, you can specify a separate landing page for the visitors coming from Canada.  Since your shared contents are geo-targeted, you don’t need multiple social media profiles for numerous parts of the world. And so, you can also get rid of putting a disclaimer in your posts telling people which areas certain web pages are only available. Instead, you may detect difficulties with the location before posting and guide people to the most appropriate URL for them. Track Links Link shortener services also allow you to track your links and learn from these statistics. It is suitable for many enterprises since you can tell which marketing tactics can generate more clicks and drive higher referral traffic.  You may use link tracking in various ways to better assess the reach and efficacy of your marketing activities. Here are a few examples of how you can execute a link tracking program in your marketing.  Through Email.  To discover which campaigns are producing the most income, use link tracking in your email campaigns to measure impressions, clickthroughs, and conversions. This is especially beneficial if you're sending out many email promos or testing several distinct versions of a message. Simply add the proper UTM parameters to your call-to-action URLs and include them in your email messages. In Online Marketing Consider incorporating a URL in your offer or advertisement that is unique to that marketing activity if offline or "analog" marketing, such as direct mail, is part of your plan. Use a different landing page link (, so you can see how many people clicked on the mailer. Because all traffic is sent to a single page, no UTM tags are required in this scenario. If you're using digital ways to drive visitors to the landing page, ensure sure the links are tagged with UTM tags so you can track the traffic. In Paid Media Make sure you keep track of everything! To make it easier to recognize where your leads are coming from, use a distinct UTM tagged link for each of your numerous paid advertising channels and campaigns. Link tracking can help you figure out which media channels provide the highest return on investment, which messages and promotions work best, and how to allocate your cash. Link monitoring may differ between success and failure for firms that invest a large amount of their marketing budget on paid media. Link tracking provides proprietors with a robust attribution approach that may help them make data-driven decisions and operate more efficiently and effectively in an increasingly competitive market. It also establishes a direct relationship between a particular marketing effort and its influence on its bottom line. Link tracking gives quantitative information that may be utilized to manage resources better and boost income, which can be challenging to detect in marketing. Device Targeting Device targeting is the key to creating a more personalized experience for visitors. It allows you to control when, where, and what device your ads connect with customers based on what’s best for your business. It also allows you to custom-tailor a specific marketing tactic or content for your visitors, depending on the device they are using to access them.  In addition, device targeting also lets you target users using a specific operating system. With this, mobile user visitors will be redirected to a mobile-specific landing page, while iOS users will be sent to a different landing page. Alongside, it also allows you to run different promotional adverts best for a specific platform. You can make bid modifications for such campaigns or ad groups if you discover that mobile users are more likely to convert than desktop users. You may also increase or reduce bids for various devices separately. Retarget Audience Many online business proprietors are aware of how crucial advertisements are in driving your customer to their website. However, data reveals that 97% of visitors who come to your site for the first time leave without purchasing anything, which is a significant opportunity loss.  However, it is now possible to drive them back to your website through retargeting. Retargeting allows you to target audiences who previously visited your website. Since they already showed interest in your products or services, they are more likely to click the adverts that they will encounter. But how audience retargeting works?  Retargeting works by using "cookies." The browser records this little piece of data that remembers who saw your ad or visited your website. It allows you to create tailored advertising for people who have previously expressed interest in your business.  Retargeting works best if you can either separate your visitors and customize the retargeting advertisements presented to each group, or you can choose not to retarget them at all. It is also best to have a clear call to action and promotes a deal. Retargeting time frames vary depending on the product. People purchasing for vacation, for example, should be retargeted right away, whereas those shopping for leisure can be retargeted later. Utilize Link Rotator A link rotator is a specialized link that redirects different users to different landing pages. This specialized link is an excellent opportunity for online businesses to test which promotions, adverts, or landing pages drive more traffic or revenue.  Here are three of the best reasons why you should utilize a link rotator.  Keep track of conversions. Link rotator allows you to track the success of your links, which is essential for landing sites, opt-in forms, and other applications. Interact with visitors to your website. This type of passive interaction has its own set of advantages, including improved user experience. You may then optimize these features based on how your visitors engage with your website. Resurrect links/ads that aren't functioning well. You may ensure that all material receives equal exposure by rotating your links, regardless of its performance. Top 5 Best URL Shortener for Marketing Here are our top 5 best URL shortener for marketing. Bitly Undoubtedly, Bitly is the most popular link shortener available in the market. Bitly (formerly known as is a link shortening tool with a complete dashboard that provides performance analytics for your links, such as click-through rates and channel statistics. It also displays the location of those who have clicked on your links. The program also allows you to create branded links. It integrates with social media management tools that enable you to spread your shortened links throughout your social media networks conveniently. Bitly's free account includes 1,000 unbranded links and 30 days of link reporting, making it suitable for small enterprises. Its corporate package allows you to brand 10,000+ links each month and includes all the above data and KPIs. Large firms who wish to brand and track every link in their marketing campaigns should choose this membership tier. Bitly is best for proprietors as well as small and medium-sized organizations. It has the benefit of being accessible and adding custom slugs, making it suitable for both personal and business usage. Another excellent link shortener for businesses is It is a URL shortener platform for e-commerce. is complete with link shortener features that can leverage your marketing strategy, including click-through rate, social media statistics, and audience retargeting.  Hero Link is the smartest link engagement platform. It allows you to shorten, customize and track your links with A/B testing. This service also offers you the following powerful features that can dramatically upgrade your marketing: Smart Targeting. Target your customers to increase your reach and redirect them to a relevant page. Add a pixel to retarget them in your social media ad campaign to capture them. In-Depth Analytics. Share your links to your network and measure data to optimize your marketing campaign's performance. Reach an audience that fits your needs. Branded Domain Names. Easily add your own domain name for short your links and take control of your brand name and your users' trust. Team Management. Invite your team members and assign them specific privileges to manage links, bundles, pages and other features. Custom Landing Page. Create a custom landing page to promote your product or service on forefront and engage the user in your marketing campaign. is best for big and small enterprises. It also allows you to generate generic short links for free, which requires you to create a free account.'s subscription plans are extensive yet cost-effective. Rebrandly Rebrandly is the sort of URL shortener that's ideal for modifying and branding URLs to develop a recognizable business in a crowded digital marketplace. It begins by assisting you in setting up your site's domain name so that you may utilize it in all of your shortened links. But there's more: it has features like: Link Management — For the best user experience, create quick redirects, QR codes, link expirations, and custom URL slugs. You may also build links in bulk to save time. Traffic Routing —  Enjoy link retargeting, emoji links, 301 SEO redirection, and deep mobile linking to ensure that the correct people see your links. Analytics - Rebrandly also has analytics features, including UTM builder, custom report creation, and more that help you grow your business and reach a wider audience. Domain Name Management – Add several domain names, encrypt links with HTTPS, and set a primary domain redirect in Domain Name Management. Collaboration — Involve your team in the link-shortening process, activate two-factor authentication, keep track of activity logs, and set user permissions. Rebrandly is best for small businesses that are just starting with a link shortening strategy. Rebrandly’s starting price is low, but its features rival and even exceed its top competitors.  BL.INK As one of the more sophisticated link shorteners available, BL.INK creates smart branded links with relevant terms rather than a random string of letters. It also offers analytic reports that allow users to trace clicks by date, time, language, referrers, device, and location. Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are among the online analytic technologies that the product connects with. You can also use BL.INK to build bespoke short links for better branding, and you can try out the beta version of Smart Link to develop highly targeted word-based URLs that will drive visitors to your site and boost conversions. User permissions may be readily enabled to ensure that only the appropriate team members access your link shortener tool. You just pay for what you use with BL.INK's tiered pricing. One thousand links and 1000 hits per link are included in the free plan. There's also a custom domain, Zapier integration, and branded links included. Premium subscriptions start at $48/month and include numerous users, more links and clicks, priority support, and device/language/location monitoring. is a link shortener included in every free Hootsuite account. It was created by the social media management company Hootsuite. You can distribute your links and analyze their performance data right in the Hootsuite platform with, which allows you to shorten every single link you share across all of your social media networks. For those who currently use Hootsuite as their social media management software, is an excellent alternative. One drawback of this application is that it provides no information about's functionality, such as the number of recorded clicks. Within the platform, there is a UTM builder available. is best for Hootsuite users or those interested in utilizing Hootsuite to manage their social media presence. The most significant thing is that it's completely free, making it an excellent option for those just getting started with Hootsuite Frequently Asked Questions Here are some of the frequently asked questions about link shorteners. What are Link shorteners? Basically, a URL shortener is a tool to shorten long and distracting links. Instead of sharing lengthy links, you can use a URL shortener to make your links shorter yet more impactful and pleasing. Link shortener, URL compressor, link compressor, and many more are just the same thing. It is just that people have different ways to refer to the same thing. Why should I use a link shortener? Long links are annoying. If you are sharing links on platforms where you can only post content with a limited number of characters like Twitter, long URLs can and will eat up the entire post. In addition, long URLs generate fewer clicks compared to short and pleasant links. Long URLs can also upstage your marketing tactics. For business, here are four of the best reasons why you should use a URL shortener? 1. Long URLs are not suitable for offline marketing. Since the audience can not interact with offline adverts, using long URLs is pointless. But if your link is short, memorable, and easy to type, people are more likely to visit your site. 2. Long and messy are distracting and can divert people’s attention, affecting the effectiveness of your marketing tactics. 3. People are more likely to share short links. 4. Short links are easier to track. Are URL shorteners safe? URL shorteners are safe to use. On the other hand, short URLs represent some security challenges since they are vulnerable to brute force attacks, and hackers can guess several abbreviated URLs. Furthermore, visitors to the truncated URL must trust the sender of the URL because they have no idea where they will be routed when they click it. Some corporations prohibit the use of shortened URLs at network gateways. It is advisable to use a URL shortener tool that gives branded link alternatives for businesses. Visitors are more likely to trust branded links. Branded links may also produce a lot more hits and engagement than generic short ones. Most importantly, branding your links is a great approach to boost your website’s authority and brand recognition. How does the URL compressor track links? In marketing, tracking links and URLs are frequently used to determine the efficiency of marketing efforts and campaigns. It's practically hard to figure out where your website's traffic is coming from without a tracking connection. Tracking links can assist you if you've ever questioned why your traffic rose, where your most recent buyers came from, or the success of a marketing offer. Click tracking works by replacing the link in the body of an email with a link to your link shortener’s server, which then redirects the user to the ultimate destination. When someone clicks on the link, they are transferred to the link shortener service’s domain, where the clicks are recorded, and the user is subsequently forwarded to the original destination. What is the benefit of a URL shortener? A URL shortener can also offer you additional benefits besides providing you with a short and pleasant link that redirects your target audience to the same landing page. This is particularly great for businesses since it can dramatically boost their website’s referral traffic. Here are a few of the benefits of using a URL shortener. -It improves social media and email deliverability. -It helps secure crucial data. -It helps you track statistics of short links to improve the marketing strategy. -It allows you to retarget links to drive customers back. -It increases brand recognition and the audience’s awareness of your brand. -Short links generate more clicks -They are great for offline marketing How long does a short link last? Short URLs, in general, do not have an expiration date. On the other hand, short links have a restriction on the number of clicks they may generate. This click restriction might be set on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis. Because the quantity of produced clicks is refreshed every month, it's advisable to utilize a URL shortener that employs monthly click limitations, such as Limitless premium link shortener deals are also available, allowing you to create an unlimited number of clicks. Businesses that are typically generating large amounts of clicks per link will benefit from it. How does a short link redirect visitors to the same page? A URL shortener is a service that generates a one-of-a-kind short URL, usually around ten characters long, that is mapped to a longer URL and connects to the precise address. The data is commonly maintained in a table or hash map as key-value pairs, with the keys being the short URL and the values being the longer URL. You used to shorten your link, for example. For the link, the program will produce a random unique code that comprises both numbers and letters. For unbranded and uncustomized links, the produced code will be appended to the domain name to form a short URL like "". The primary URL will then be transferred to the database's short URL. Anyone who visits the short URL will now be forwarded to the same landing page as those who visit the long URL. Are short links always unique? Short URLs are always unique since there is an enormous number of possible alphanumeric combination codes. If a collision occurs, the service will usually generate a new code until it finds a connection that hasn't been utilized yet. Why are branded links better than generic links? The most straightforward reason, probably the most convincing, could be that the audience trusts branded links more than generic ones. Since they trust branded links, it is more likely that they will click such links. HEnce, branded links generate more clicks and are more effective when it comes to promotional activities. In addition, branded links can also offer increased brand recognition and brand awareness. Are short links bad for my website’s SEO? If your short link service uses other redirects than 301 redirects, it can harm your website’s SEO. So, to avoid compromising your SEO, ensure that your short link service only generates links that use 301 redirects. Final Words People commonly think that a link shortener is just a simple tool that generates short links. However, that is an understatement. Link shortener can offer many features that can genuinely upgrade businesses’ marketing tactics. It is now more developed and can offer handy promotional tools. Many businesses can now be ahead of the competition through a link shortener. Unfortunately, many business proprietors are unaware of these things.  Alongside a lack of knowledge towards URL shorteners, many people also believe that using link shorteners is detrimental and unsafe. But that is always not the case. A link shortener can only pose adverse effects to the website if it uses redirects that are not 301. Notably, it is still a proprietor’s role to check if a link shortener service uses what type of redirect and if this redirect can harm their website. In addition, a short link is only bad if it redirects web users to a malicious landing page.  Link shorteners are beyond what many people think of them. Many businesses are already aware of how powerful link shorteners are and now enjoying the benefits. Link shortener is a simple yet powerful marketing tactic that can help you reach your marketing goals. So if you require an upgrade in your marketing, is always ready to assist you. Our link shortener service also includes features that can sure step up your marketing game. Feel free to reach to us. We are glad to team up with you!

November 26, 2021 The Best Guide to URL Shortener: 4 Reasons Why You Should Include URL Shorteners In Your Marketing

Long and messy links are a common issue faced by many content sharers, proprietors, and online visitors. But it should not be this way. Use a URL shortener to make your links presentable and level up your marketing.  You already might have encountered sharing lengthy links, which is pretty annoying. Not only are these links lengthy, but they are also messy and distracting. You might think that is just a simple problem, but it is not, especially if you share links as part of your marketing strategy.  Long URLs can compromise your marketing strategy. These messy links can upstage your marketing plan. For instance, if you’re going to share your content on social media platforms that limit the number of characters in a post, like Twitter, using long links will eat up the entire post. And so, it leaves no space for more meaningful words you have to say.  Luckily, URL shorteners exist.  URL shorteners allow you to make your messy links into a shorter and more presentable ones. With the benefits a URL shortener can offer businesses, utilizing this powerful tool is a must to include in your marketing strategy. It does not only help you beautify your links but can also help you level up your marketing through the features it has to offer. If you are new to short links, you’re in the perfect place. This article is your ultimate guide to the URL shortener and how to use it to step up your marketing.  What is a URL Shortener? Just to clarify, link shortener, URL compressor, link compressor, and many more are just the same thing. It is just that we have different ways to refer to the same thing. But in this case, we will use a URL shortener to refer to the tool that shortens a link.  As the name suggests, a URL shortener is basically a tool to shorten long and messy URLs. Instead of sharing long and distracting links, you can use a URL shortener to make your links shorter yet more impactful and pleasing.  What is a Custom URL Shortener? Custom URL Shortener is a tool that allows you to shorten your links into whatever link you want them to be. The critical point of a custom URL is that it lets you brand the links you’re going to send out through customizations instead of generating generic and random URLs. It allows you to connect your domain to the service, which serves as the base of your shortened links. With a custom domain, you are practically branding all your links. .For businesses, it is best to use a custom URL clipper that allows you to connect your own domain. This can help you increase the authority of your links, brand awareness, and click-through rates.  History of URL Shortener URLs are an essential component of the internet. It is the only way you can get from one place to another online. In fact, there’s no other way to get around. It is either you searched the link, clicked the shared link, or typed the link manually on your browser. With the arrival of Twitter and other social media platforms that limit posts and messages to a certain number of characters, the typical long and messy links became a problem. For instance, if you want to share something on the web through these platforms, the long URLs will eat up the entire post.  This was when a URL shortener became a necessity. With a URL shortener, you can save so many character counts that you can use to say whatever you want.  However, nowadays, Twitter counts URLs as up to 23 characters only. So if your link contains more than 23 characters, Twitter will only regard it as 23 characters. Hence, URL shorteners are now less needed compared to how necessary they were before. So, what URL shortener has to offer now? What URL Shortener Has To Offer? URL Shortener had come a long way since its invention back in 2000. New helpful features have been introduced to many URL shorteners as time goes by. Here are some of what URL shortener has to offer.  Link Masking Shortening a link also allows you to mask or hide the original web address.  Masking links used to be an opportunity for spammers and hackers to hide malicious links from web users. Thanks to the security protection features of search engines like Chrome and Bing, web searchers no longer have to worry about being hacked or invaded by spammers.  Besides link masking allowing you to hide the web address of a link through shorter masked links, it is also beneficial for the following reasons:  Hides affiliate links  Shorten long domain Tracks the engagement of a specific link Link Shortening Of course, it still serves its original purpose. Link shorteners shorten links effectively. Allows you to change the URL of a web page but still redirect the users to the same landing page.  Whenever you’re sharing a link, it is best to use a URL shortener. It makes the link more presentable and easy to follow by the viewers. In addition, it is much easier to verbally share a shorter link compared to a longer, more complex one.  Another way to shorten a link is through customization and branding. This process allows you to use your brand as the domain. For example, if your niche is about agriculture, you can customize your domain to match your brand, like “ag.ri”. This process will help you brand the links that you’re going to share. Link customization also allows you to share shorter links but can still relay the same idea as the original link.  Link Tracking Besides allowing you to share prettier links, a URL shortener also gives you the capability to track the engagement you’ll get through a specific link.  A tracking link (also known as link tracking) is a type of link that keeps track of who clicked it, when they clicked it, and from where they clicked it. Tracking links are necessary for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. When a user clicks on a tracking link, the user's connection is initially routed through a tracking service (such as Before forwarding the user's browser to the specified location, this captures information about the click (such as the user's location, device, and time). Link Retargeting When a pixel is installed on a website, it monitors visitors and allows advertisers to retarget them with adverts across several platforms. This is ideal for guiding consumers through the many steps of the buying process and convincing them to convert, and it's quite inexpensive. The use of a tracking pixel on our site or in our content is not required with link retargeting. Instead, a redirect is used. It basically links the retargeting pixel to the shared URL, allowing us to share whatever link we desire. Link retargeting is similar to typical ad retargeting in terms of functionality. Instead of sending them to your website, you may show them retargeted adverts depending on their clicked link. It doesn't have to be a link to your website. Link retargeting allows you to go even farther with your content, social, and email marketing. Link Rotation Link rotation allows you to point a single link to various URL destinations. In reality, this implies that clicking on a rotational link will send you to one of the selected target sites at random. Commonly, link rotation is used in split testing. Users can be redirected to various versions of a landing page by using a rotating link. Then you can assess each page's effectiveness in terms of conversions and leads produced, determining which is the most successful. While this is the most common use for link rotation, it is not the only one. In reality, there are several advantages to using link rotation, including landing page optimization.  Link Swapping or Changing Link changing or swapping is a link-building method in which one page links another page in return for that page doing the same for the first page. It allows you to enhance your first page's ranking, given that search engines, such as Google, consider incoming links as a significant factor in ranking websites.  For reciprocal links to be effective, they must be placed in a prominent location, such as the main page, and the websites must be related to the topic, among other things. It's also crucial that the originating website has more authority and that the connections are gradually added. However, other experts believe that the technique's usefulness is waning. 4 Reasons Why Your Business’ needs URL Shortener? Many proprietors regard URL shortener as just a tool to shorten a long link. However, it is more than that. It can offer you and your business many benefits. Here are 4 of the best reasons you should start using URL shortener as part of your marketing.  It improves social media and email deliverability. Advertising through social media and email is a meaningful marketing technique. Shortening URLs makes these marketing techniques more effective and efficient. Because it is branded, precise, and personalized, a short URL engages people. People immediately know the brand and get a sense of the link's content. URLs like "" will almost certainly succeed in capturing the attention of the target demographic. Short branded links are more worthy of sharing on social media. Creating social media posts with short links, adding a short branded link to an account description, sending a private message with a short link, and beginning an advertising campaign with a short link are all examples of how you can leverage short links.  Creating and using short branded links in email marketing is best to avoid emails ending in the spam bin. Spammers usually target generic domains, which is why email systems overlook emails with malicious domains or IP addresses. It helps secure crucial data. Short links allow you to hide information on long URLs that you don't want others to see. It might be an affiliate link that pays you a commission or a link with Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) tags that allows you to track visitor activity. The function of URL masking is beneficial for link builders, but it may be strange for visitors, as most spammers employ disguised links. Branded domains can in helpful in this situation. They boost a brand's confidence and trust by sharing veiled URLs. It helps you track statistics of short links to improve the marketing strategy. It's easier to trace short links than it is to track long and complicated URLs. A URL shortener usually has a built-in capability for tracking short links, so there are no additional procedures to do. The number of clicks, the date/time, the location, the most popular links, and the operating system utilized are all included in short link statistics. Integrations with analytical services are available for those that want even more precise information. It allows you to retarget links to drive customers back.  Short link retargeting was founded on a single action: visiting a short link. When a person hits a short link and subsequently leaves a website without taking favorable action, they will be confronted with adverts that display the previously visited short link. It comes in handy when you need to get people to return to your website. The users' browsers load a JS snippet from AdRoll/Facebook every time they click a link. How to Find the Best URL Shortener? There are a lot of URL  shorteners existing on the web, but not all of them can help you level up your marketing strategy. Here are some features that you should look for when selecting the best URL shortener for you.  Customization and Branding It is crucial to know whether the tool also offers customization when looking for a URL shortener to utilize. If your shortened links are customized and branded, they are easier to remember and more presentable to the public. Branded links tend to look more credible and can generate more clicks. In addition, it also helps you gain the trust of your viewers.  In addition, customizing links also allows you to generate a shorter link but is not misleading. You can still have a new link that suggests where the clicker will be redirected to. You can also customize your link into something easier to remember and easily shared, even verbally.  The bottom line is, if you can customize and brand your links, the possibility is almost endless.  Link Tracking Your link-shortening solution should also include link tracking features. Since a click indicates that someone is interested in your product or content, tracking the links is an essential marketing tactic. Your business needs to determine if sales are driven by social media, email, mobile, print, or display marketing. A good URL shortener provides a simple, intuitive approach to assess how your links are doing on a per-link basis as well as in aggregate. Being aware of this information can significantly help you in the step you will take to make your marketing strategy better and more effective. In addition, it also helps you have a more precise knowledge of whom to target and where you can typically find them.  SEO-Friendly Your URL shortener should not compromise your SEO. One crucial element to consider when choosing a link shortener is if the short links you generate would harm your website's organic search efforts. Some redirection might cause your website's domain authority to drop, resulting in a loss of organic search traffic. This may be highly harmful to your website's visitors and company. Choose a URL shortener that links are 301 redirects (signals a permanent redirect from one URL to another) that do not harm your website’s SEO.  Safe & Secure HTTPS connections help make the browsing experience more secure by preventing eavesdropping or tampering by third parties. Your URL shortener should support HTTPS and other advanced security settings to support corporate or government-mandated security policies — including HSTS support, TLS version restrictions, and strict SSL Ciphers. In addition, ensure that there are steps to prevent bad actors from misusing your link shortener platform. Choose a platform that works with trusted tech partners to monitor and block abuse and spam, and encourage the public to report suspicious links. Frequently Asked Questions  Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding URL shorteners. Is it safe to use a URL shortener? URL shorteners are, in fact, safe. On the other hand, short URLs pose specific security problems because they are susceptible to brute force attacks, and hackers can guess several shortened URLs. Furthermore, because visitors to the abbreviated URL do not know where they will be sent when they click it, they must trust the sender of the URL. Shortened URLs are banned at network gateways in some businesses. For businesses, it is best to utilize a URL shortener tool that offers branded links options. Visitors trust branded links more. Compared to generic short links, branded links can also generate way more clicks and engagement. Most importantly, branding your links is an excellent way to increase your website’s authority and brand awareness. How does a URL shortener work? A URL shortener is a service that creates a unique short URL, generally approximately ten characters long, that is mapped to a more extensive URL and connects to the exact location. The data is usually saved in key-value pairs in a table or hash map, with the keys being the short URL and the values being the original, more extensive URL. For instance, you used to shorten your link. The tool will generate a random unique code that includes numbers and letters for the link. The generated code will be added to the domain name (for uncustomized and unbranded links) to create a short URL like “ Then, the primary URL will be mapped to the short URL in the database. Anyone clicking the short URL will now be redirected to the same landing page as the long URL it is mapped to. Since there is a large number of potential alphanumeric codes, short URLs are always unique. In the unlikely event of a collision, the service will typically create a new code until it discovers a link that is not yet used. Is short URL case sensitive? Typically, generic short URLs are case-sensitive. For example, if the short link characters are in lowercase like this “short.url/a1b2c3d4”, typing the link using a different case will not redirect you to the same landing page most probably, will not work. However, some URL shortener sites generate customized and branded links that are not case sensitive, such as In such cases, the generated link is easier to type manually. For instance, if the actual link is “short.url/a1b2c3d4,” and you typed it as “SHIRT.URL/A1B2C3D4”, the link will still redirect you to the same landing page. Can I shorten my URL for free? Of course. There are a lot of free URL shortener websites out there. However, the generated short links are generic and contain alphanumeric codes attached after the domain’s name. Since the generated URL is random, it could still look messy and, of course, hard to remember. In addition, it could generate fewer clicks due to the audience’s prejudice towards generic and unbranded links since generic links look suspicious. This is why we recommend businesses to use customized and branded links. These links are more trustworthy and are a powerful tool to increase brand awareness. Most importantly, they are very effective in generating links and are easier to track. URL shorteners, such as, offer a cost-effective yet premium URL shortening plan that includes features that can level up your marketing strategy. How long does a short URL last? Generally speaking, short URLs do not have an expiration time. However, there are short links that are limited by the number of clicks it can generate. Mind you that this click limit could be on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis. It is best to choose a URL shortener that uses monthly click limits, such as, since the number of generated clicks is refreshed every month. There are also unlimited premium link shortener offers that allow you to generate unlimited clicks. It will be beneficial for businesses that have indefinite numbers of clicks per shared post. Can I customize my short URL Of course. In fact, we recommended businesses customize and brand their short links. The links look better and can convey the same idea as the longer links. In addition, customized links are easier to remember since you can opt to use keywords as your URL code. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt to customize your short links: They gain more trust from the public They are easier to remember They look credible They can generate more clicks They can increase brand awareness Does URL Shortener help me get more clicks? Indeed. Besides shortening your links, a URL shortener also makes your generated links more presentable. Long and messy links are distracting and can upstage your marketing plan. But with a shorter link, rest assured that your target audience will not be distracted by these long and messy links. In addition, branded and customized short URLs also have the capability to inform your target audience of what the link is about and where they will be redirected to, which helps build trust between your site and the audience. So, the next time they will encounter the same type of link, they are most likely to regard it as trustworthy and credible. What are branded links? Branded links are a more premium type of customized short links. It allows you to use your chosen brand name as the domain of your short URL. For instance, instead of using “” domain, you can customize it to match your brand like “”. It is an excellent opportunity for many proprietors to upgrade their marketing strategy since brand recognition is one of the most crucial factors to customer loyalty. Some of the most well-known sites that use branded links are Starbuck (, New York Times (, Walt Disney (, and more. Besides customizing your links, branding your short URLs can also offer you the following benefits. Increased brand awareness Increased brand visibility Descriptive, easy to pronounce, and memorable. Perfect for offline promotions Increased trust among the target audience Increased click-through rates Are short links SEO-friendly? It depends on the type of redirection the short link uses. Redirection is the process of forwarding one URL to a different URL. There are different types type of redirects. But, 301, 302, and Meta Refresh are the most used link redirects by short links. While 301 redirect can pose no harm to your website’s SEO, the other two do. So in choosing the URL shortener service, it is crucial to know if the service uses 301 redirections. As a website owner, you should also pay close attention to your site’s SEO, as it immensely affects your search engine visibility and ranking. Some URL shortener services known to use 301 redirects are Bitly,, and Rebrandly. What’s the difference between a URL compressor and a URL shortener? Nothing. URL Compressor and URL shortener are both referring to the same thing. It’s just that people use different names or aliases for the same thing. URL compressor and URL shortener both refer to the tool to shorten or customize your long and distracting links. Other common names for URL shorteners are link shortener, link cutter, URL cutter, URL clipper, and more. The Bottomline For many businesses, sharing their website’s content through social media is a powerful promotional tactic. And undoubtedly, it is. Especially for new businesses, sharing their content through social media is their primary source of visitors. And so, the link you will share should not get in the way of your marketing success. However, knowing that links are typically long and messy, it can and it will. And so, using a tool that can help you make your links shorter and presentable is beneficial.  Due to misleading information about URL shorteners, many proprietors are hesitant to include this powerful tool in their marketing tactics. Many believe that shortening links have an adverse impact on their website’s SEO and search engine rankings. Yes, it can happen, but it does not apply to all URL shortener services. A lot of URL shorteners understand that SEO is an essential aspect of a website’s prominence; that’s why they are using an SEO-friendly method of shortening your links.  In addition to the misconceptions regarding URL shorteners, many proprietors are also not aware of how powerful URL shorteners can be in marketing. Most people think that URL shorteners are just a tool to shorten long links, which is an understatement considering what a URL shortener offers. It can provide you with beneficial insights regarding your target audience and offer you the capability to retarget them. And in fact, short URLs are already powerful and beneficial by themselves.  So, if you need to share an online page, but are annoyed by its messy links, do not hesitate to use We are glad to resolve your long and messy link issue. We can give you more straightforward, shorter, and more presentable links to redirect your target audience to the same landing page. If you need an upgrade in your marketing, we are always ready to assist you. We offer additional features and services that can sure step up your marketing game. Feel free to reach to us. We are glad to team up with you!

November 26, 2021 7 Excellent Ways to Apply Shorter Link in Your Marketing

Long and messy links are pretty annoying. Not only are they distracting, but they can also upstage your marketing strategy. This is especially true when you are sharing your content, adverts, and deals on social media. Long links tend to get a low number of clicks. Fortunately, a link shortener exists. They provide a simple yet powerful solution to this issue of many marketers and proprietors. As the name suggests, a link shortener is a tool that generates a shortened version of your link. It allows you to share a comprehensive yet short URL slug on many platforms that will redirect your probable customers to your original landing page.  Using a shorter link is advantageous in many ways. Instead of letting your long links eat up the entire post, you can shorten your links and use the remaining space for introductory remarks. For social media platforms, where users can post an unlimited number of characters, short links ensure that your long links will not engross your target audience. Since some social sharing sites limit the number of characters you can post, short links ensure that you can be on those platforms without inconvenience.  In addition, many link shortener also includes powerful tool you can utilize to level up your marketing. Features such as branding links, rotating links, tracking links, generating QR codes, and more are sure to help you make your marketing more powerful, more efficient, and more compelling. In addition to these features, a link shortener is also beneficial in many ways. A short link is known to help businesses to increase brand awareness and brand recognition. Shorter links are also proven to generate more clicks relative to longer and messy links. For sure, incorporating a link shortener in your marketing will give an upgraded marketing experience.  If you’re new to a URL shortener, you may have wondered what ways you can utilize a short link in your marketing. If so, you are on the perfect page. Continue reading to find out the seven excellent ways to apply short links in your marketing.  How Shorter Link can be a Powerful Marketing Tool for Businesses Unlike long and distracting links, there are endless possibilities of applying a shorter link in your marketing. Here are the seven best ways to use short links in your marketing.  Offline Marketing Probably, it is the hardest to use links on offline marketing campaigns simply because offline marketing does not offer the interaction an online campaign can. And so, putting links in your offline campaigns entails interested audiences having to manually type the link in the web browser to access your site or landing page. This often leads to a lower number of visits coming from offline marketing campaigns. But, a link shortener provides an easy solution to this problem.  With a URL shortener, marketers can now place a more engaging, easy-to-type, and remember URL slug on offline marketing campaigns such as billboards, flyers, etc. A shorter and more comprehensive link on offline adverts is more capable of bringing visitors to your webpage. People are more likely to follow the links you put since they are shorter and easier to type. It is best to customize your link’s back half into an easy-to-remember phrase for display media, including billboards.  Another way to use links on offline campaigns is by adding a QR code to redirect visitors to your webpage. Though short links are already a great way, QR code is on another level of driving visitors to visit your website. QR codes make your offline adverts interactive since they allow the audiences to visit your web page by scanning the code. And since most people are carrying a mobile device wherever they go, they can instantly visit your website the moment your offline adverts catch their attention. Some link shortener tools offer QR code features, including  Comments Another way to apply a shorter link in your marketing is by answering the questions in the comments. You can reply with a short link that redirects the user to your webpage that contains the detailed answer to their questions. This approach is practical when you are. This strategy is especially beneficial when watching your rivals' social media networks since you may respond with branded links in their comments.  In addition, comment marketing is also a great way to give your brand the exposure it needs. Especially if your business is new or new to online marketing, the exposure you can get by commenting with shorter links will help you start.  Podcasts/ Radio Marketing Podcasts are popular because people treat them as e a convenient way to consume information. Listeners can do it while running, traveling to work, or at any other time. Speaking on the radio, a video, or a live broadcast are all viable alternatives to podcasts. And since podcasts and other alternatives are constantly becoming popular, adverts on these platforms can help you get clients and increase your revenue.  However, if the goal of your campaign is to drive the listeners to visit your webpage, advertising through audio media is quite challenging. But, a link shortener makes it possible and practical. You can shorten URLs to make it easier for people to remember them once they’ve heard them. After the episode, it becomes much easier for people to input it into their browsers. To make your podcast adverts more effective, you can also customize your link. For example, if you promote deals, you can customize your links into something like “your.brand/deals”  or “your.brand/buy-now”. You can use short phrases or call to action as the back half of your customized link. This way, people who will hear your adverts will most likely remember the URL slug, increasing your webpage traffic.  Email Marketing Many people believe that link shorteners affect email delivery rates. Yes, it can be true, but it’s not always the case. There is still a way to include a shorter link without hurting the deliverability of your email campaign, which is through customized links.  Unlike generic links, branded links are more reputable and will not harm your email deliverability. In addition, using a short URL in your email can act as:  Including a shorter URL in the email text: This strategy encourages recipients to visit a link. When comparing the overall number of opened emails to clicks, specific data are helpful in addition to referring consumers to a promotional source. It's worth noting that using a short branded URL rather than a generic short link reduces the odds of your message ending up in the spam bin. Adding shorter URLs to CTA buttons: This strategy uses advanced statistical data to track recipients' actions. UTM-tagged short links produce precise results when it comes to tracking various aspects. The benefits of producing UTM-tagged links and incorporating them into buttons without the use of HTML are numerous. SMS Marketing Including a link to a webpage in your SMS marketing message is an excellent approach to keep your clients engaged and connected. Your consumers can be directed to a specific deal or portion of your website, an app download, or anything else you wish.  However, links are often long and can quickly take many characters in your SMS marketing message. And since text messages are typically limited to 160 characters only, adding long links will obviously eat up the character count. Though you can extend your character count limit, it often costs you additional payment.  So it is greatly beneficial to use a shorter link in your SMS Marketing. It helps you save both space and money. In addition, short URLs can also help you accomplish the following marketing necessity.  Increase the audience’s awareness of your brand. Promotional SMS are more likely to be opened by people than emails. Hence, it can give your brand greater exposure. Using branded links in your SMS marketing can help you increase people’s awareness and recognition of your brand. Branded links establish a connection between your brand and the link you are sending to your target audience.  Track your performance. Some link shortener services feature a tool that can help you track the performance of your short links. The capability to track link performance allows you to learn about your audience and demographics, which can significantly help you upgrade your marketing strategy. It also allows you to determine which deals can get more revenue and which campaigns effectively drive people to visit your website.  Optimized mobile experience. You may also utilize deep mobile links to direct people to a specific site within your app rather than a web browser. If your app isn't installed, users will be requested to do so or sent to the mobile web experience. Deep links in mobile apps are frequently utilized to generate critical app metrics like app installations. Call to Action. Branding your links is a simple approach to convince your audience and your SMS provider that your brand is behind the message and that the link in the SMS is trustworthy. Branded links also make it clear to your readers that you’re directing them to your own or another reliable website. Some URL shortening services also enable you to customize the back half of your short URLs. Instead of using a random combination of letters and numbers, you can customize the back half of your link into a powerful call to action.  Social Media Marketing Social networking is a low-cost tool that can help you optimize brand recognition and enhance SEO. So, incorporating social media into your link-building initiatives is a good idea. In addition, social media marketing is a powerful campaign to drive the audience to visit your website or landing page. Social media is excellent in sending referral traffic to your site and increasing your revenue.  If the goal of your social media campaign is to drive the audience to visit your website or a landing page, using long and messy links is not a good practice. It is because long and messy links are distracting and known to upstage your campaign. People also regard long links as unreliable and malicious. Moreover, long links consume too much character count. If you are to share your campaign on microblogging sites, like Twitter, long links will eat up the entire post. Hence, it is crucial to condense the links you will use in your social media adverts.  Shorter URLs are easier to remember and more appealing than long, messy slugs. They're suitable for social media since they take up little space and are simple to post. In addition, using a shorter link in your social media posts is sure to help you boost the conversion rate of your campaign.  To further optimize your social media campaign, you can also customize and brand your links. On social media, using shortened and branded links helps to raise brand recognition. They also appear to be more authoritative and reliable. Deals Trial Besides being advantageous in the actual implementation, shorter links can help you decide which deals or campaign is best. Specialized short links called link rotators are excellent in testing your deals, campaigns, and custom landing page. Before implementing multiple campaigns or deals, it is best to try them out through a link rotator. It allows you to determine which deals can generate more revenue and which campaign is most likely to be successful. In addition, the link rotator also helps you save time and resources since it ensures that the campaign or deal you will launch is effective and can give you a high ROI. 5 Best Benefits Shorter Link Can Offer in Marketing Implementing shorter links in your marketing is beneficial in various ways. Here are the 5 best benefits shorter link can offer in marketing. Short link Generate More Clicks and Share One of the best benefits a shorter link can offer in your marketing is its capability to generate more clicks and send referral traffic to your website. The general public trusts short links and branded links more than they do on long, messy URLs. This, in return, helps you generate more click and referral traffic.  In addition, short branded links are more worthy of sharing on social media. They tend to get more shares compared to long URLs. These shares help you gain referral traffic through word-of-mouth and also help you establish a robust brand identity.  Most importantly, short links ensure that you can implement your marketing campaign on all platforms you’re on, including microblogging sites. Since short URLs are condensed and contain fewer characters, it allows you to post them on microblogging sites, such as Twitter, which only allows users to share a limited number of characters per post.  Tracking short links helps you understand your audience and demographics. Another benefit of URL shorteners that company owners should not miss is web analytics. Shorteners keep track of how many people click on each link, so they can theoretically tell you how many people visited the website using the abbreviated URL, the demographics they came from, what page or app they came from, and so on. Whether or not you can trust this information is determined by the URL shortener you select. Many free services are notorious for providing inaccurate statistics—even the number of clicks is frequently underestimated. A pro plan is frequently required to have access to richer data and analytical tools. is one of the link shortener services that provides you accurate data about the performance of your shorter link.  Having access to statistics and analytics allows you to tailor more effective and more accurate campaigns in the future. It also allows you to make a definitive plan for the implementation of your adverts.  Short branded links raise brand trust.  Branded links assist in developing a trustworthy relationship with the audience and aid in building brand reputation. It provides them with a notion of your product and displays your brand identity on various social media platforms worldwide. Compared to long URL, branded links are easier to remember, looks good, and is user-friendly. In addition, shorter branded links may help you build your business by representing your brand in front of the audience, increasing product exposure in the market, allowing people to click on the URL, and converting them into actual consumers. Provide Built-in Advanced Marketing Features Short links may appear tiny, yet they are solid and robust. Condensed URLs provide tremendous marketing opportunities in addition to being safe and beautiful. Long linkages need the use of other third parties. On the other hand, short links may be deployed at full scale with merely a good URL shortener. In addition, short link services also provide powerful and effective marketing features. Geo- and mobile targeting, UTM-tag tracking, retargeting, and deep links are all capabilities that many link shortener services provide. These features will help you optimize your marketing strategy and help you get a higher ROI on your campaigns.  Short links are suitable for offline marketing. Including links that will redirect your audience to your site is quite tricky in offline marketing. It is because offline advertisements lack interactiveness. But, there are two ways you can include links in your offline marketing: customized links and QR codes.  In including customized links, it is best to use short phrases that are easy to remember, such as a call to action or your brand. This way, the audience can memorize them quickly. If they can remember your link, people are more likely to enter them in their web browser and access your landing page. In addition, customized and short links are easier to type in a web browser.  Perhaps, the best way to include a link in your offline campaign is through QR codes. If you have a QR code, an interested audience can instantly and conveniently access your landing site. They just have to scan the code, and they will be automatically redirected to the landing page. In addition, you can also use QR codes in your offline adverts to redirect your visitors to your web page.  So, if you are implementing both offline and online campaigns, it is best to choose a link shortener provider that offers both QR code and short links, like  Frequently Asked Questions Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the shorter link. What are shorter links? Basically, a shorter link is a cropped version of your original URL. Short links are more attractive and less extensive than your original URL, making them better to use in marketing and social media posts.  Shorter links can either be generic, branded, or customized. While generic links are random, customized, branded links are the specialized links that match your brand or content. In many ways, branded and customized links are best for marketing.  Are short links good in marketing? Indeed! Rather than using long and clunky links that can upstage your campaign, it is recommended to use shorter links since they are neat and take up less space. In addition, utilizing short links in marketing can offer your many benefits. Here are some of the advantages link shortener can offer.  Higher click-through-rate. Not only do short links look neat and pleasing, but they also tend to get higher click-through rates. It is because people trust them and perceive short and branded links as trustworthy and reputable.  Trackability. Short links are more convenient to track. When someone clicks your shortened link, the service provider will record this in their database. This record of the performance of your link can significantly help you understand your audience and their demographics. This will further help you in making decisions for your business and marketing.  Versatility. One of the best benefits of short URLs in marketing is their suitability for offline and online campaigns. It is better to use short links in offline campaigns since they are more accessible to type and memorable. On the other hand, in online marketing, short URLs look more pleasing and generate a higher number of clicks and referral traffic. Does a shorter link hurt my SEO? Yes, it can. But that’s not always the case. A shorter link will only hurt your SEO if it uses redirects other than 301 redirects. There are link shortening services that only use 301 redirects, like Hence, they are SEO-friendly. In fact, they can help you optimize your website’s SEO and can help you rank higher on search engines. So, make sure to know the type of redirect being used by your link shortening service.  Does a short link affect my email deliverability? Generic short links could. However, it does not apply to branded links. Branded links’ domains are customized and match your brand, making it a particular case in email. In fact, it is recommended to use branded links in email since they have the highest delivery rate among all types of links in an email. Since spammers often use link shorteners to mask their links that redirect the user to malicious sites, emails that include generic short links have a lower delivery rate. How do QR codes work? In essence, a QR code functions similarly to a barcode at the grocery. It's a machine-readable picture that can be read instantaneously using a Smartphone camera. A QR code comprises a series of black squares and dots that represent various kinds of data. When your Smartphone scans this code, it converts the information into a form that humans can understand. Are short links safe to share on social media? It is safe as long as the short link you share does not redirect the users to a malicious site or does not contain viruses. In fact, link shortener does not pose adverse effects on businesses. It is actually spammers and hackers that make short links bad. They love utilizing URL shorteners to victimize more people. To avoid being marked as spam, it is recommended to customize and brand your links.  Does the short link expire? No, short links do not have an expiration. However, short links are limited to the number of clicks they can generate. Typically, the count resets after a certain period. It is best to select a link shortener service that offers high monthly click limits, like If your landing pages expect a high number of clicks, it is best to upgrade to a subscription package that offers unlimited clicks per link.’s unlimited subscription allows you to generate and record an unlimited number of clicks per link. In addition, it also offers you exclusive features such as unlimited URLs allowed, custom aliases, unlimited branded and customized links, social media statistics, and more.  Is it free to shorten my link? allows you to shorten your link for free. You just have to create a free account. However, our free account limits you from generating a certain amount of short links. In addition, free link shortening services generate generic short links. If you have to shorten a large number of links, it is best to avail our subscription package. Besides being able to shorten a significant amount to an unlimited number of links, it also allows you to utilize our additional features that are highly beneficial in your marketing. Our packages are inexpensive compared to other link shortener services. What are branded links? Branded links are a specialized type of shorter links. It allows you to customize the domain of your short URL. Hence, it gives you the freedom to relate your domain to your brand or business.  Instead of utilizing the "" domain, you can customize the domain into "" or something similar to complement your brand. Because brand awareness is one of the most critical variables in consumer loyalty, branding your links is an excellent chance for many business owners to enhance their marketing plan. Starbuck (, the New York Times (, Walt Disney (, and other well-known websites all employ branded links. Apart from personalizing your links, branding your short URLs may also provide you with the following advantages. -Increased brand awareness -Increased brand visibility -Descriptive, easy to pronounce, and memorable.  -Perfect for offline promotions -Increased trust among the target audience -Increased click-through rates Can I use my own domain to create short links? Of course. You can use your domain to create short links. This process is termed link branding. Instead of using the domain of the service you are using, you can customize it so the link will match your domain. Besides your domain, you can also relate your customized domain to your business tagline. Link branding gives you endless possibilities on how you can match the domain to your niche.  Notably, link branding is often exclusive to subscription plans only. Luckily, offers a cost-effective subscription plan that allows you to brand your links. Take Away Link shortener does not only crop your long links and turn them into a more shareable one. Many businesses do not know that incorporating a shorter link in their marketing is truly beneficial in many ways. Sharing and implementing short, customized, and branded links in marketing campaigns is way better than long and clanky links.  In addition, many still believe that link shortener is detrimental in marketing, which is untrue. Link shorteners have evolved to more than just shortening your links and offer various features that can truly help marketers elevate their marketing strategies and campaigns.  Moreso, it also gives them essential insights, through analytics and statistics, that can help them deeply understand their audience and their demographics.  In this fast-phased marketing competition, it is essential to have a lead. And this is what link shorteners are providing to many businesses. Link shortener can offer more than just a shorter link.  So if you need to shorten your link and upgrade your marketing, do not hesitate to use Just create an account and you can shorten your links for free. It is best to subscribe to our cost-effective subscription plans if you need more than just shortening links like link branding, link tracking, ling rotator, custom aliases, QR code, and more. We are glad to help you level up your marketing and be on the lead. Contact us today and learn more.